FLAGSTACK is a game based on GPS coordinates which can be played worldwide & for free after registration.

Players are searching for physical or virtual items on the map using the app on mobile device. These items are predominantly bound to GPS coordinates. If players arrive at these coordinates, these items can be gathered and players get credited virtual points on their account. Items remain on the map for other players, the collected items are highlighted as "found" in player's account.

The more points a player collects, the higher rises his player's level. In the lower level few points are required to level up. The required number of points rises with every achieved level.

Dashboard 1

(1) Settings

(2) GPS-Qualiy

(3) List View

(4) Map View

(5) Inventory

(6) Chats / Friends (Premium Membership)

(7) Scanner

(8) Switch between Dashboard 1 and 2

(9) Your current level

(10) Your current points

(11) General account information

Dashboard 2

(1) Ranking

(2) Team

(3) Shop

(4) Achievements

(5) Filter (Premium Membership)


(1) Your profile page

(2) Dashboard

(3) App language

(4) Distance unit

(5) Advert show/hide (Premium Membership)

(6) Help page

(7) Version number / Updates

Profile page

(1) Account administration

(2) Your capture list

(3) Your deploy list

(4) Ranking

Map view

(1) Reload

(2) Centering (own location)

(3) Change view

(4) Filter

(5) Own location

(6) Marked flag with capture radius

(7) General information for marked flag

(8) Capture button

(9) Route to flag

(10) Detail information about marked flag

List view

(1) Flag type

(2) Detail information

(3) Capture button

(4) Distance beeline / Direction

(5) Go to map view


(1) Your undeployed flags (green bar = active category)

(2) Your already deployed flags

(3) Different flag types


(1) Article group

(2) Detail information for article

(3) Article content

(4) Article price in local currency

(5) Article packages with unit price


Effective for map and list view

(1) inactive filter setting

(2) active filter setting


gray: not yet accomplished – click on badge to see the requirements.

colored: already accomplished achievement – congratulation!

Chats & Friend

Premium Membership required

(1) Search for friends

(2) List of your chats

(3) List of your friends