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Team Battle #58

Team Battle #58 is over now and all 67 teams have achieved great results!

Here is a look at the top 10 of the overall ranking for our statistics fans:















Knight Riders










USA Misfits





Rapunzel 2.0





Die 4 Fragezeichen





Flagging A Dead Horse





Bielefelder Flaggers





The A-Team









And here's the fraction ranking of Team Battle #58, and we're delighted with the great overall performance from all players:









The Syndicate of Flag Hunter
each player has won 3,000 credits and the fraction badge






The Cartel of Flag Seeker
each player has won 2,000 credits and the fraction badge






The Alliance of Flag Keeper
each player has won 1,000 credits and the fraction badge





All details about the team and fraction rankings can be found with a quick click.

You can find all detailed information about the credit distribution on the official FLAGSTACK help page for Team Battles.

You are enthusiastic about Team Battles, all the excitement and variety and especially about your personal advantages through the great prizes? Than you know what you have to do: Tell all your friends about it and create a new team - or even two - because after a short recovery time the next Team Battle is already in sight - on 05. October 2020 at 0:00 (Timezone Europe / Berlin) the TB #59 starts!



Team Battle Expansion: Forces of Nature

Team Battle News: 4 forces of nature that create innovation

Earth, water, air and fire - these 4 forces of nature unleash their power…

We all quickly got used to the new Team Battle with its towers... That’s really good, because it shows you enjoy this game! The around 14 million Team Battle towers are firmly anchored in their place. They are evenly arranged and cannot be shaken by anyone or anything... Until now...

Earth, water, air and fire - these 4 forces of nature unleash their power from October... These 4 forces of nature will fundamentally influence the cosmos of Team Battles with effects difficult to control!

But you, FLAGHUNTER, you can control and affect these 4 forces of nature... Exactly you - supported by your team and your fraction - together you have the power and can control the effect of the 4 forces of nature using your actions and your strategy! Starting in October, you won't be playing alone against the rest of the world, but your team is part of the big picture and contributes its part to the fact that your own fraction is at the top...

Risk 1 - Earth

If your fraction has captured a total of 1,000 towers, it will trigger an earthquake and cause some of the other two fractions' towers to collapse! But don't trust that the other two fractions will let this happen... They will recapture the towers and many more to reach the 1,000 towers and trigger a quake that will affect the whole world...

Risk 2 - Water

If your fraction has captured a total of 2,000 towers, it will trigger a tsunami and flood some of the other two fractions' towers! But be aware - because the other two fractions can also strengthen themselves by recapturing the towers and many more to reach the 2,000 towers and cause another monster wave...

Risk 3 - Air

If your fraction has captured a total of 3,000 towers, it will trigger a hurricane and tear some of the other two fractions' towers from their foundations! But don't be deceived by the quiet after the storm - because the other two fractions can also strengthen themselves by recapturing the towers and many more to reach the 3,000 towers and cause destructive gusts of wind…

Risk 4 - Fire

If your fraction has captured a total of 4,000 towers, it will trigger a firestorm and burn down some of the other two fractions' towers! But just as Phoenix once rose from the ashes, the other two fractions can also strengthen themselves by recapturing the towers and many more to reach the 4,000 towers to create a conflagration…

Wow - these 4 forces of nature are really something special and cause a lot of trouble in the Team Battle! But we are not finished yet... As always the Joker is in the pack!

Tower Rewards

The Tower Reward is triggered randomly by capturing Team Battle towers! This means that you get 10 more (free) towers in the vicinity of the captured tower. So your team climbs up in the ranking and you strengthen your fraction in the battle against the forces of nature...

Little Preview...
In the next app update, there will be messages to all team members as well as to all fraction members, making it even easier to forge a common plan :-) Better communication means good coordination and the possibility to prevent other fractions from reaching the forces of nature :-)

All you need now is a team for the next Team Battle and a good plan... With the right strategy, you can use this first Team Battle expansion to conquer previously unreachable towers (Tower Reward) and have even more battles with other teams and fractions... More excitement, more fun and of course more badges!

Take care of your health and capture the flag!

Search a team



Super savings price offer in the fan shop for even 2 special campaigns

Hello again...

It's us again - your Team FLAGSTACK... We received several messages after the Oktoberfest news that the community would love to have a special jumper campaign again...

Of course!!! Why didn't we think of that ourselves? The Oktoberfest special campaign will be even more fun when a few more sweet "I mog di" gingerbread hearts come to your home to sweeten your life. And the Corona compatible FLAGSTACK game is supported as well! That's something we all like a lot!

To make sure that not only two but three great things happen, we also lump together the keyword Halloween... But now let's have the facts:

We offer you Jumper packages that work for you! From three great offers for the "Happy Oktoberfest and Halloween" campaign you can choose what you like best in our fan shop ( ) ...

These 25 / 50 / 100 Jumpers bounce around the world on the map for two FLAGSTACK special campaigns "Oktoberfest" and "Happy Halloween"...
Immediately after the purchase up to and including 31 October 2020, 23:59 (time zone FHQ/ Europe/ Berlin) they can even be collected again every 24 hours after a capture!

As usual you'll get capon points - even for multiple captures :-) - and as a big thank you you'll get two very special badges for free!

Capture points: 50
Capture On Points: 50

The automatic deploy and automatic undeploy of these special Jumpers happens in your name directly by the FHQ - you don't have to do a thing.
Lean back and look forward to numerous captures and two great badges...

Bring movement to the map :-)

PS: We do our best to ensure the automatic deployment of these jumper flags also counts for your badge "Oktoberfest 2020 - big Oktoberfest tent"...


Oktoberfest 2020

Good day to you, FLAGHUNTER!

This year is very special. Somehow everything is different, because the worldwide pandemic has caused many cancellations of traditional and beloved events.
Among them is unfortunately the largest and most beautiful folk festival in the world - the Oktoberfest on the Wiesn in Munich (DE).

BUT... Just because the live event on site is cancelled for security reasons it doesn't mean you have to miss it completely, dear FLAGHUNTER!

BECAUSE... FLAGSTACK offers you a great alternative plan for your personal Oktoberfest 2020 at your home!

SO... Stay at home and look forward to the new badges that you can reach at the Oktoberfest 2020 from 19.09. - 04.10.2020 (00:00 - 23:59, time zone FHQ / Europe / Berlin) at FLAGSTACK!

1) The small Wiesnzelt:
During the above opening hours, collect 187 Oktoberfest flags, which you can recognize by the special icon on the map (don't worry, they are low in calories). As a reward you will receive 1,870 bonus points and 187 extra credits... As a special treat, it should be mentioned that you can achieve this badge multiple times

2) The big Wiesnzelt:
To get a place in the big Wiesnzelt is not that easy... AFTER you've celebrated in the small Wiesnzelt, you'll take a look at the big Wiesnzelt. Deploy 87 Oktoberfest flags (White Flag, Oracle Flag, Jumper Flag, Eternal Flag, Premium Flag) and feel as strong as after the successful ringing of the bell at the "Hau den Lukas" (strongman game)! Imagine the cheers of the crowd when you see 870 bonus points and 870 extra credits being added to your account... If you are strong enough, you can reach this badge multiple times :-)
The big Wiesnzelt also has the opening hours mentioned above...

3) The Ferris wheel:
Bigger, faster and higher up is possible with the Ferris wheel! You get a free ride after reaching the badges of the small and big Wiesnzelt and quickly capturing another 40 Oktoberfest flags! Come on, you get another 2,740 bonus points on top!

All right? Questions will be answered by the service staff of Team FLAGSTACK! Contact the FHQ or the volunteers of your choice. Contact details can be found below and here:

What’s left for us now is to shout a cheerful "Ozapft is"! We wish you a peaceful Wiesn and to stay as fit as a fiddle…

Best wishes



The Team Battle restart was successful!

The first month of the new Team Battle is over and we can happily say: the restart was successful!

The new Team Battle is no longer about kidnapping each other's Team Flags and waking someone up at inhumane times...

The new Team Battle is designed to allow you, your team, and your faction to capture as many of the evenly distributed towers as possible while exploring new areas and great landscapes.

There are a total of about 14 million towers on the FLAGSTACK map, of which 65 teams took a total of 6,579 towers last month. Want some more statistics? Okay...

The average number of towers per team was 101. Together with the credits for captures, deploys and badges, the average number of credits per team was 56,491 at the end of the month. Check the rankings for more details here:
And all this multiplied with the fun to experience things as a team and to achieve something for the team and the faction is a cool result :-)

Would you like to try out the new Team Battle in September? Perfect - we are now in the transfer window and you can apply for a team here or create one yourself:
Help and further explanations can be found here: / /
You can redeem the hard-earned credits in the Credit Shop for flags of your choice:

Have you already participated in the Team Battle in August? Share your experiences with others and tell them how easy it is and how much fun it is... Refine your team strategy - you know now what to expect.

Team Battle #58 starts on 05 September 2020 (00:00 am, time zone FHQ / Europe / Berlin) - be a part of it and have fun with the new Team Battle at FLAGSTACK!
By the way, the first upgrade with more new features for even more fun and excitement is already planned for October 2020 - be there and join in!

Best regards from the FHQ is sending


PS: Please observe the regional notes and regulations regarding the ongoing worldwide pandemic. Health - your own and that of your fellow human beings - is the highest value, please take care of yourself and others. Many thanks for your continued awareness.


Can we treat you to an ice cream?

You can hear it everywhere: Oh, I feel warm! I need a cool down! Where is the nearest shadow?

Don't worry - FLAGSTACK takes care of it!

At the moment there are no larger events for the FHQ (FLAGSTACK HeadQuarter) to serve you a refreshing ice cream. Well then, the ice cream will come to you...!

By the end of the month you will find temptingly delicious ice cream in your favorite flavors on the map :-) Because all flags change their design into appetizing ice cream cones and lure you off the sofa!

Collect as of now at least 700 ice cream cones by 31 August 2020 at 23:59 (time zone FHQ / Europe / Berlin) and you will receive a cool badge for your success instead of kilos on your hips!


Ice Ice Flags

This calorie-free summer special will sweeten the rest of August for you! Enjoy a little walk and one ice cream after another - you won't get enough of these delicacies :-)

Have fun and capture the ice-cold flag

Summer 2020

PS: Please observe the regional notes and regulations regarding the ongoing worldwide pandemic. Health - your own and that of your fellow human beings - is the highest value, please take care of yourself and others. Many thanks for your continued awareness.


31 million captures

With summery 31°C we all sweat a lot... It was a long way to the 31 million captures, which also caused some sweat - but you FLAGHUNTERs made it!

When and where?
On 13.08.2020 this record was broken in the Altes Moor on the A1 motorway at the Horster Dreieck (DE) - many people know this area from traffic reports

Who and what?
Poparni (DE) and Lottikind (DE) were in a private battle for this lucky strike. In the end Poparni was ahead by a split second and captured this Green Flag at the right moment.

Congratulations also to Lottikind, who fortunately took up the flag after Poparni and therefore can enjoy this badge :-)

We congratulate you both and a lot of fun to all the other FLAGHUNTERS who are on their way to get this badge!

Good luck hunting down those millions more


Happy Groundhog Day Badge Series now available for you!

It's not Groundhog Day!
And yet - day after day
collecting flags is what makes you stay.

An Eternal Flag is fun!
"A daily groundhog greet",
at FLAGSTACK this joy you can meet.

A new badge series for you!
Also retroactively counted
so you're not unnecessarily daunted :-)

FLAGSTACK has released a new badge series for you to enjoy even more the daily capturing of Eternal Flags!
These badges will also retroactively count all your existing captures of Eternal Flags and thus reward you for your diligence in collecting this great yellow flag (almost) every day.

You have no or too few Eternal Flags in your area? Get in contact with other FLAGHUNTERS and deploy Eternal Flags on selected coordinates so that the groundhogs of this great badge series turn into colorful badges for you... Eternal Flags are currently available at a reduced price in our webshop

Have a lot of fun with this new badge series! We wish you quick success and great goals for your daily fun with FLAGSTACK!

Stay healthy and capture the flag!

PS: As good as the news on Covid-19 might be in some regions of the world, many of us FLAGHUNTERS will still be in the middle of an everyday life full of restrictions.
Please take care of yourself and your loved ones and stay or get well!


Team Battle is back...

Charge your battery and be at the startline, FLAGHUNTER, because here we go again...!

At the end of June, we all said goodbye to Team Battle in its familiar form. But there was not much time to be sad, cause in July 2020 a bunch of test persons, 120 intrepid beta testers from all over the world, checked the new version of Team Battle successfully. Many thanks to you beta testers for your time, your curiosity, your thoughts and all your efforts for the Team Battle! We were able to realize that the Team Battle is a big part of FLAGSTACK and it is really important to you :-)

Everyone had their hands busy... The beta testers checked the features and gave feedback on the change, found bugs, developed ideas and had hot discussions with the FHQ.  "Tech" reprogrammed, fixed reported bugs, fine-tuned... We are all very satisfied with the result!

The result of the test month? Here are some comments...

„Fuer Tuerme bremse ich sogar auf ebener Strecke.“ - „I like having towers in place of HQ Flags.“ - „Mir gefaellt die neue Battle-Loesung sehr gut.“ - „Spass hat man mit den Tuermen definitiv mehr als mit den Teamflaggen.“ - „Ich finde die Turm-Geschichte aber echt witzig. Da kommt mal neuer Wind ins Spiel.“

Now some more facts:

The new Team Battle starts with the transfer period on 01.08.2020! Create a team (min. level 35 and Premium Membership) or join a team (min. level 25). If your team has at least 3 players it is ready for the restart on 05.August! Things have become easier! No more cumbersome positioning and confirmation of your team flag - that's history... The nightly startle because your team was attacked - is over!

From now on it's: Conquer towers for your team! There are a total of fourteen million (14,000,000) towers in Australia, Europe and the United States with parts of Canada within 2 kilometers of each other, and these towers are waiting for you to capture them. Every 6 hours (00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00 FHQ time), 5 credits will be credited to your team for each tower your team owns - meaning each tower you capture will earn you up to 20 credits a day! Furthermore you will receive 1 credit for capturing and 2 credits for deploying to the team cash box. Additionally you will receive bonus credits for the faction ranking!
At the end of the month/team battle, the credits from your Team Cashier will be split equally and paid out among the team members. And then you can choose exactly what you want in the Credit Shop ( and redeem it for your credits.

In the short beta test phase over the last 2.5 weeks, almost 3,000 towers have been captured worldwide. With 120 beta testers, this means on average about 25 towers per player! Due to the fact that the towers are spread so regular, you have the possibility to capture a tower everywhere... On the way to work, shopping, on vacation or on a walk...
And look at it this way: if a tower is difficult to capture, the safer it will be for your team for an entire Team Battle month :-)
In addition, there will be ongoing extensions and additional functions, so that towers that are not accessible at the moment can be yours...

For reaching the first 3 places in the Team Battle Ranking there are badges, which can be earned several times :-)

There are the same chances in all countries with obviously different geographical conditions. In the Beta Battle, the team "The Internationals 1" with members from the USA, AU and GB finished second and they captured incredible 243 towers! Team "The Internationals 2" with the same line-up was able to capture respectable 114 towers and thus earned the main part of the credits for their 7th place in the Team Battle Ranking. In the small but nice Europe everything is different and many things are possible due to the comparatively close settlement (1st place with 310 towers) :-)

Finally and to the anticipation a few beta-tester-opinions :-)

„Kleines Feedback von mir nach rund einer Woche: Die Spielidee finde ich super und genau nach dem Motto: es ist ein Outdoorspiel was nicht auf der Autobahn oder im Zug entschieden wird.“ - „Das neue Sammeln der Tuerme empfinde ich gegenueber dem alten Flaggenklau als wesentlich deutlich schoenere Variante.“

There are no more excuses... Now it's your turn!
Check in for the new Team Battle and make your own great experiences!

Have fun and
Capture the Flag...


PS: On this website (EN) you can find all important information about Team Battle! How do I create a team? What are factions? This website will be updated regularly for you!

Thanks a lot: Sundream,Powerslice,Elli,Nexus69,Spider1969,Thanner,Survey-adjo,Felix11,barmbek,DarkHaribo,Moonworker,seal,Pumti,Borghuis,Woesken,Sputnik,


MEGA discount on the offers of the year

Hey and Hello FLAGHUNTER,

Do you have a minute or are we disturbing your Double Point Weekend? It won't take long - you can still read the mail through the days - but don't wait until the weekend!

Because then you might have already missed the next super special campaign for FLAGSTACK's 5th birthday - and who wants that???

So we are announcing well in advance today, don`t tell us you didn’t know - that there will be a MEGA discount on 5 beloved products from our webshop...!

On Friday, 24.07.2020 from 18:00 (time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin) the offers* of the year are waiting for you in the webshop ( - please check it out:

Special price 1)
Have you been wanting a premium membership at a bargain price for a long time? Normally this is not on offer, but now we offer:
25 items at a price of 25.00 € each (instead of 36.00€)!
(A flag package and additional exclusive features with a 12-month duration.)

Enticement 2)
Well, can you resist this? You don't have to if you enjoy playing! We offer:
100 Dice Flags at a price of 5.00€ each (instead of 10.00€)
(A dice game can increase the capture and capture-on points.)

Promotional price 3)
This is your chance for an ongoing deploy streak, because this flag always drops in anywhere and provides a lot of fun! On offer for the community are:
1,000 Jumper Flags at a price of 2.50€ each (instead of 5.99€)
(Let the flag jump and then it can be captured all over the world.)

Temptation 4)
Darkness is good for... Collecting flags, especially the Night Flag, because it shines so brightly! On sale are:
100 Night Flags at a price of 2.00€ each (instead of 3.99€)
(Can only be captured from sunset until sunrise (local time).)

Seduction 5)
To all you adventurers and sleuths out there... Deploy 1 Adventure Flag and start the hunt! Treat yourself:
100 Adventure Flags at a price of 4.00€ each (instead of 8.99€)
(Deploys automatically 10 more hidden flags within 500m.)

So remember this:
Friday, 24.07.2020 at 18:00 (time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin) go to the webshop ( and make sure you get the limited birthday discounts!

If you miss one of the offers, you can enjoy the Voucher Weekend for the remaining weekend period using your vouchers to your heart's desire and saving money.

Have a great week full of anticipation for these offers! A good time for you and your loved ones and
Capture the Flag...


*Offers only while stocks last. A combination with any discounts, vouchers and discounts is impossible, except gift vouchers. The discount is not payable in cash. Only available for orders placed with PayPal on the website. An order with voucher and / or discount via apps is currently impossible.


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