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FLAGSTACK prolongs the Advent Calendars


The year 2020 is slowly coming to an end, a year that was marked by bad news. We don't even want to repeat or summarize this here - it's all stupid enough.

The only remaining glimmer of hope? Soon it will be Christmas and hopefully a few peaceful and relaxing days are waiting for us. And we from Team FLAGSTACK have also thought of something good for you!

If you treated yourself to a FLAGSTACK Advent Calendar this year or received one as a gift, you can take a little more time collecting the doors. Due to the pandemic and the possible regional restrictions resulting from it, we prolong the opportunity to collect the doors until 31.01.2021 at 23:59 (time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin)!

You can forget about worrying or stressing about the doors! Spend a wonderful holiday season and enjoy the Advent Calendar doors a little longer!
Don't have a FLAGSTACK Advent Calendar yet? Is it even more interesting for you now that you can collect the doors until the end of January?

Just visit the Flagshop and get your FLAGSTACK Advent Calendar - click here:

Speaking for the whole team, we wish you all the best during this special time.
Care for your health! Keep the flag flying high!



FLAGSTACK Surprise for Saint Nicholas

Surprise for Saint Nicholas Day 06.12.! In the FLAGSTACK Advent Calendars there are 2 new features for you today:

In the Advent Calendar there is the Personal Happy Hour PLUS and in the Advent Calendar PLUS there is the Friend Flag PLUS!

Both will first be available in the FLAGSTACK webshop next year.
Would you like to have them now? Well, get the FLAGSTACK Advent Calendars - or just get one as a present...

Details about the new flag / option

Friend Flag PLUS
Capture Points: 5
Capture On Points: 10

Personal Happy Hour PLUS
30 minutes of 4x points for new deploys and captures






Team Battle Update

The Team Battle update has just been installed. All teams are set to "Random faction selection" - the team leaders can now log in on the website and enter their wish for a faction.

At the end of a change phase (04.12.2020 at 23:59:59 FHQ time) the system will automatically determine the final faction affiliation.

Image: (1) = Desired fraction = by chance (2) = Change desire

Image: (1) = Number of teams who want to join this fraction (2) Number of teams without special request


New credits for you at FLAGSTACKs Team Battle!


As announced a few days ago, the Team Battle gets a final touch at the end of the year.

We have analyzed the new Team Battle since its launch in August 2020. We also received great feedback from you players. We thank you for these suggestions and have included many of them in this small update.

The following changes apply from December '20 Team Battle:

(1) There will be credit prizes in the Team Battle Ranking for the rankings 1 to 10
(2) The team affiliation to a fraction is automated with an option of choice.
(3) The credit winnings for the fractions at the end of the Team Battle month will be increased
(4) There is an app update to match the December of gifts.

And here's some more detailed information about this good news:

(1) More credits for your diligence! If you and your team make it into the top 10 of the Team Battle Rankings at the end of the month, that's huge in itself, because you've worked hard for it...
Starting in December '20 you can win the following additional credits for the rankings 1 to 10:

1st place 30,000 credits for the entire team
2nd place 20,000 credits for the whole team
3rd place 10,000 credits for the whole team
4th place 9,000 credits for the whole team
5th place 8,000 credits for the entire team
6th place 7,000 credits for the entire team
7th place 6,000 credits for the entire team
8th place 5,000 credits for the entire team
9th place 4,000 credits for the whole team
10th place 3,000 credits for the entire team

(2) Aren't we all fans of fairness and excitement?! That's why the teams will randomly be assigned to the fractions from December '20 on and so a balanced strength will be created.
During the transfer period, the team leaders have the opportunity to express a fraction request, of course. This will be considered by the system if possible, so perhaps nothing will change for your team. If a team wants to change the fraction, the team leaders can express a new fraction request in every transfer period and this will be considered by the system for the next Team Battle month if possible.

In December '20 all teams will be set to "neutral" for the fraction selection, so the team leaders please consciously make a fraction selection in the transfer period, if this is desired. Otherwise the system will decide randomly about the fraction assignment.

(3) To increase the value of the fractions for you, we will increase the credits for the fraction ranking:

1st place new = 5,000 credits per player (old 3,000 credits)
2nd place new = 3.000 credits per player (old 2,000 credits)
3rd place new = 1.000 credits per player (old 1,000 credits)

You will receive a larger credit bonus for your participation in Team Battle, redeemable to your heart's desire in the Credit Shop.

(4) We recommend installing the App Update as soon as possible to ensure the full feature set. We have fixed a few small bugs and improved the stability.

Surprise: In December there will be Team Battle towers in New Zealand as well.
You live there? Well, we want to see many colorful fraction signs in New Zealand from December '20 on :-) You want to travel to New Zealand sometime? Start planning your routes - cause there are plenty of Team Battle towers :-)

Just try out next month, how these little adjustments make the Team Battle even better... The rest happens almost automatically and you can look forward to even more credit winnings in the end!

Stay safe and have fun in the Advent Team Battle 2020!


CYBER WEEK 2020 - come and visit the FHQ!

CYBER MONDAY, 30.11.2020 - visiting Powerslice (00:00 - 23:59 h, time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin)

The doors to the CEO's office are open for the grand finale! So, do you think he'll really let something loose today? For sure - if you visit the open day of the CEO's office, you will get 2 Dice Flags for the price of one!

That' what you read in the announcement, FLAGHUNTER... And this offer is absolutely awesome! But CYBER MONDAY wouldn't be CYBER MONDAY if there wasn't a bit more than expected :-)

TODAY, at CYBER MONDAY 2020, ALL FLAG TYPES that have not been on offer at this year's CYBER WEEK are REDUCED FOR YOU!

Which ones are all these? As we mentioned before, there is the Dice Flag. As a surprise we'll add some more: Green Flag packages, Personal Flags, Oracle Flags, Treasure Flags, Adventure Flags, Eternal Flags, Multiplier Card Flags and the Second Chance Option!

You never expected that, did you? Well, you can see that the way to the top floor of the virtual FLAGSTACK headquarters was really worth it :-)

Click this link to visit the Flagshop

And since the new toolbox is so incredibly fun, allowing you to create your individual Friend Flag and Jumper Flag, you'll find the links right here again:

Friend Flag Toolbox:
Jumper Flag Toolbox:

Wishing you a wonderful Advent season


CYBER WEEK 2020 - come and visit the FHQ!

Sunday, 29.11.2020 - visiting Sundream (00:00 - 23:59 h, time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin)

Knock, knock, this is the Christmas spirit!

It’s Sunday, the 1st Advent. We will probably spend the cosiest time of the year mostly at home. Sundream, who virtually drove to the office this Sunday to open the door for you like everyone else, thought about today's offer and what you can use in the near future...

If your homezone has no fresh flags for you, you can use the Happy Holiday Option to go outside for some fresh air and venture outside :-)

Make sure you have enough Happy Holidays for the holidays - today at an absolute bargain price for only 1.00€! Click here for the Flagshop...

Would you like more good deals? Redeem your saved vouchers, as today is the last day of the November 2020 Voucher Weekend!

And on Tuesday the pre-Christmas mood starts, because you can open the first door of your FLAGSTACK Advent calendar 2020! You don't have one yet? So take one from the Flagshop right away!

The whole team FLAGSTACK wants you to have a pleasant 1st Advent!

PS: Happy Holidays = With this option, you deploy 50 flags in a 500-meter radius around your current location. Only you can see them on the map and you can capture them during the next 7 days.

Deploy Points: 0
Capture Points: 8
Capture On Points: 0

Distance to own flags: 99 m
Distance to other flags: 33 m


CYBER WEEK 2020 - come and visit the FHQ!

Saturday, 28.11.2020 - visiting ??? (00:00 - 23:59 h, time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin)

Hello? Hello? Hello?
Echo? Echo? Echo?

Come in anyway, even if an empty office looks weird. Who knows when the next volunteer will take over this vacant position - until then you can have a look around here.
Yeah, we agree. There's not really much to see in here. Mostly we meet here in this office to chat with each other, think about new features, or talk about the best experiences at events, night trails or Jump&Run hotspots...

Wait, don't leave so quickly - take a look around again! Here is a little something hidden for you :-)

Well, did you find it? A little tip: Which is the relevant time zone for FLAGSTACK? Exactly - Berlin. And where does the hour hand point to? To the 1, right.

And what do we have on offer for you today for only 1.00 €? The wonderful Personal Happy Hour!

That's why the hiding place fits so well… You will have double the fun for 1 hour with this Personal Happy Hour Option, because you will get double capture and deploy points! We love it – you too? :-)

Now you may hurry so you can get to the Flagshop quickly :-) But be careful not to stumble down the stairs.

By the way, since you are already on your way to the web... Yesterday there were some technical problems with the Jumper Flag Toolbox. We are sorry if you were affected by this, we have solved it in the meantime and everything works as it should. Try it out right now!

And again by the way: Did you already think about joining the "Friend Flag Advent Calendar" from ArrnoVonIon? The Friend Flag from the toolbox is a good choice:
Contact ArrnoVonIon directly via mail:
And if you want to have a Friend Flag from the toolbox in the “Friend Flag Advent Calendar”, do your shopping and write "Advent Calendar" in the optional field "Phone" when ordering - then we will create this flag really fast. This is possible only on Saturday, 28.11.2020!

PS: Personal Happy Hour = This option can only be activated via the app. Immediately after activation, the 60 minutes for double capture and deploy points begin.



CYBER WEEK 2020 - come and visit the FHQ!

FLAG FRIDAY, 27.11.2020 - visiting the Lusatian Devils
(00:00 - 23:59 h, time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin)

It looks the same here as always... asp_fan_cb has a coffee mug in his hand again, of course... Well, he and CacheKidsCB have been working hard during the last days to show you the great - drum roll - Jumper Flag Toolbox here in their office! Jumper Flags are CacheKidsCB's favorite flags, so asp_fan_cb created a great flag toolbox for her, so that her favorite flag will be even better! And the Jumper Flag Toolbox is not only available for CacheKidsCB, but also for YOU!

asp_fan_cb, explain again briefly how the Jumper Flag Toolbox works…

"No big deal, read it well. So, a total of 4 questions are asked one after the other.
1) how many capture points should your Jumper Flag provide for the players?
2) how many Capture On points should your Jumper Flag provide?
3) what should the Jumper Flag look like on the map? You are spoilt for choice...
4) should there be a badge for your Jumper Flag?

Click through these questions and then add your customized Jumper Flag to the shopping cart. Just do the paperwork and the flag is on its way..."

Oh, it's just as easy as the Friend Flag Toolbox on Monday! "Yes, exactly, and also the perfect offer for today's FLAG FRIDAY!"
What do you think, asp_fan_cb and CacheKidsCB, should we give a discount for the first orders again? "Mega, sure! What about a 27% discount for the first 10 orders?”

Ok, this is the voucher code: Cyber27!

Click here and go directly to the Jumper Flag Toolbox:

You still do not have enough offers for this week? Then read on tomorrow what you can expect on day 6...

PS: Jumper Flag = after the deploy, the jumper flag is unstoppable and explores the whole world for you! Within a year, it teleports from one place to another. It jumps between 08:00 and 20:00 in the respective time zone. It will spend 120 minutes at a location - unless it is captured, it immediately looks for a new goal! To ensure the Jumper Flag can be found, players nearby receive a push message. Premium members get a head start of 5 minutes.

Deploy Points: 25
Capture Points: according to your choice
Capture On Points: according to your choice

Distance to own flags: 5 m
Distance to other flags: 5 m

Special feature: After its last jump, 365 days after its deployment, the jumper flag is automatically archived due to power shortage.


CYBER WEEK 2020 - come and visit the FHQ!

Thursday, 26.11.2020 - visiting thwe16 (00:00 - 23:59 h, time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin)

You are still sitting at your computer, thwe16! Do you have a Jump & Run flag on your monitor again? "Yeah, they are really popular because they bring so much fun. The Jump & Run Flag offers really nice walks with 33 stations. The time gap between the stations offers a bit of extra thrill - but it's always possible. And most importantly, the owners of this Jump & Run Flag can capture them themselves, which isn't often the case. A great challenge! That’s why you can order this Jump & Run Flag today for only 6.00 € instead of 10.00 € in our webshop:

That's right, thwe16, that's really a great flag! Nice that you mention it here again. Who is the next volunteer to offer a surprise on FLAG FRIDAY? "It's the Lusatian Devils. Do you want to know the direct way to their office or do you want to walk 33 stairs? Kidding aside - they are sitting at the ground floor on the bottom right!"

All right, then we are all curious what FLAG FRIDAY will bring with it...

PS: Jump & Run Flag = A Jump & Run Flag with its 33 consecutive stations is a real explorer adventure! But the player has to hurry, because as soon as the start of the Jump & Run flag has been captured, the flag jumps on. A 10-minute countdown will run, in which the player has to reach the next stop.

A player has a maximum of 3 attempts to complete the Jump & Run Flag successfully with a badge and 25,000 points! Any player (including the deployer) can capture this flag, but the deployer won't receive Capture On points. The Jump & Run Flag can be deployed directly on site via the app and exclusively for Premium Members also via the website.

Deploy Points: 250

Capture Points: 8
Capture On Points: 16

Distance "Start" to own flags: 66 m
Distance "Start" to other flags: 22 m


CYBER WEEK 2020 - come and visit the FHQ!

Wednesday, 25.11.2020 - visiting DTas (00:00 - 23:59 h, time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin)

DTas has promised to set an alarm clock... Let's knock quietly on the door and see if he is awake... "WAKE UP!" Man, it's good that you can take a joke, DTas... But now tell us what you are offering today!

"Day? Night? Oh, that's all relative... Times change every day, and all around the world, everything is different. Glad that there is the Night Flag! It starts to sparkle on the map when the sun sets "officially" at home in your area. And then, the Night Flag unfolds its power and you can capture it. Get some new Night Flags in our webshop for the super special price of 2.00€ instead of 3.99€! Click here:  “

Really cool, DTas! And where is the office of thwe16? “That's directly one floor below. Would you rather take the stairs or the elevator?”

PS: Night Flag = The Night Flag can only be captured from sunset until sunrise (local time). It can be deployed around the clock via the app and the website.

Deploy Points: 10
Capture Points: 50
Capture On Points: 20

Distance to own flags: 99 m
Distance to other flags: 33 m

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