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SIR MANGO and the most important blueprint were found

FLAGHUNTER, in the last few days the volunteers have found traces in Africa that led them directly to the final hideout of SIR MANGO... This crook knows all the tricks to disappear from sight, but even he is powerless against the great Volunteers.

And finally, the most important puzzle piece of the blueprints can be secured in SIR MANGO's lair! With your help in collecting it, the development team can now complete the secret project. But to do so, the puzzle piece must first be returned to FHQ in the safest way possible. So come on, volunteers, set off and guard the return transport together - don't let the piece of the blueprint get lost again on the way back...

So let's hurry up and get the return tickets to avoid wasting any more time....
Wait a minute... What do you say, Lednimedvidek? Ah, yes, well we can understand that... Sure, we can tell it to the FLAGHUNTERS...

She enjoyed the trip to Africa so much that she wants to stay there and so she ends her service as an Official FLAGSTACK Volunteer after many years and above all a lot of joy and commitment.
Dear Lednimedvidek, we are looking forward with you to your new different life and thank you for the great and faithful support. We will hear, read or see you.... Feel hugs from the community, the remaining volunteers and FHQ!

Back to you, FLAGHUNTER. There are still some puzzle pieces flying around on the map, and raccoons from SIR MANGO's gang of thieves keep cropping up trying to catch them. Grab them before they all disappear!


Following the footsteps of Sir Mango!

The volunteers have found the first hot trace in Africa and were close on the heels of Sir Mango - but unfortunately he escaped again. One detail was missing on the security camera picture: the head!

In any case, don't give up now - keep on searching for the blueprints worldwide - we need only a few more to finish the project!

Go Flaghunter Go!


What do the volunteers do in Africa?


FLAGHUNTER, there is a hot lead...!

Thanks to many clues, there are more and more indications that SIR MANGO has left for Africa with the most important stolen blueprints. Well, on the one hand it's good that we can follow a hot lead; on the other hand Africa is of course a huge continent that has to be scanned systematically...

So good that the hot trail definitely ends at the main train station in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Our research shows that this is the starting point for a trip on the famous Rovos Rail train. We don't hesitate for long and so the Official FLAGSTACK Volunteers set off as a team on the Rovos Rail train from Daar Es Salaam to Cape Town to find more clues to the whereabouts of SIR MANGO at each of the stations....

On the long journey through Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa, the main focus of the volunteers is obviously on the ALARM LEVEL BLUE, SIR MANGO and the search for the lost blueprints.

To investigate every possible hiding place, the volunteers combine the trip with a safari. This gives the opportunity to visit various waterholes and possibly find SIR MANGO there...

Waterholes are known to attract all kinds of creatures... We see large herds of antelopes, zebras and also gazelles that come regularly to drink. Flamingos can be found here in small and large colonies. Various other birds sing, warble or screech in such places - parrots, ostriches and tucans, for example. 

Of course, a little more rarely but very special, the "Big Five" can also be found at a waterhole: Elephants, leopards, lions, rhinos and water buffalo. Imposing animals, so big and powerful - they really deserve the title "Big Five" and belong to the most admirable animals in Africa. Doesn't even the title give you goosebumps of excitement?

Not so big but a real eye-catcher are okapis. You don't have them in your mind right now, do you? They are these incredible creatures with legs like a zebra, the body like a horse and the head like a giraffe... Curious, rare, and therefore something very special.

The complete opposite are these wild guys: chimpanzees! As bold as brass, they run around everywhere and annoy everything and everyone - no matter if it's other animals or curious tourists... Volunteers, keep your distance from these cute fellows!

So, here we come to the point! YOU can discover the colorful, wild animal world of Africa together with the volunteers!

From 06.August 2021 (during the day, timezone FHQ/Europe/Berlin) you will find waterholes on the map. If you have an Eternal Flag in your vicinity, you will see it there! As described above, a wide variety of African wildlife can be found at the waterholes. So approach carefully so you don't scare them away.... Capture the waterhole quietly and zoom in on the map so you can observe the wild animals closely. As a souvenir you should collect the animals for your badge album - of course you'll also receive points for that :-) The animals move from waterhole to waterhole, so you can encounter different animals everywhere on the map.

YOUR task is to discover and collect enough animals for three different badge albums...

Album and Badge 1) Collect pictures of the animals you discover on the map along the way - away from the waterholes...

Album and Badge 2) Collect pictures of the hidden animals at the waterholes that are NOT part of the "Big Five" as well as rarest animals and fill your second memory album...

Album and Badge 3) Collect at the waterholes the special animals of the "Big Five", i.e. elephants, leopards, lions, rhinos and water buffalos. And since okapis are among the rarest animals in Africa, they also count for this badge.... Even the cheeky chimpanzees have cheated their way into the badge count for this album!

Bonus badge 4) Have you filled all albums and badges? Perfect, cause you will receive this Safari-Badge ON TOP!

YOU, the FLAGSTACK community and the volunteers become the Safari Dream Team. You can admire the animal world of Africa until and including 31. August 2021 (time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin) and collect the 3 badge albums plus bonus badge! But please also pay a little attention to blueprints - whether hidden or flying around - you will also find them on the map until the end of August... The further development of the secret project depends on it! In the end, maybe you can face SIR MANGO? Who knows, who knows...

With best regards from your tour guide at FHQ

If you still have questions, feel free to email us at support(@) - with the new ticket system, you will be helped by the support team as soon as possible.
The animals may appear in different sizes on the map - depending on how shy they are and how good your binoculars are. Don't let it bother you and just have fun with this special campaign ;)


FLAGSTACK reveals the correct numbers of the Jackpot Jumper Flags


And presto - now it's August already and the anniversary month for FLAGSTACK's 6th birthday is over. Did you enjoy everything that we offered you?

The Birthday Search Game was a fantastic success - the hunt for Jackie and Jack, the Jackpot Jumper Flags!

I'm sure you're curious to know what the correct numbers were for Jackie and Jack?! Here they are:

The 6 correct Jackie Jackpot Volunteer numbers were: 15, 16, 24, 35, 37 and 38
The 2 correct Jack Jackpot FHQ numbers were: 3 and 8

Here are the winning odds of each winning class:


number right




1,000,000 points jackpot


each 71,429 points


6 numbers + 2 super numbers


each 20,000 credits


6 numbers + 1 super number


each 20,000 credits


6 numbers


each 10,000 credits


5 numbers


each 10,000 credits


4 numbers


each 10,000 credits


3 numbers


each 30,000 credits

Well? How about it? Are you one of the lucky winners? Within the next 24 hours the badge and the points for the winning class 1 will be added to the lucky players' accounts...

The cake fight was also a pure feast. By the way, the strawberry-chocolate birthday cake was snacked on most often :-)

As you are used to, there will be no boredom here at FLAGSTACK... The hunt for Sir Mango and the swirled blueprints - the ALARM STAGE BLUE - is in full swing. Hopefully, you've already found many blueprints yet. You remember? "Blue" and "white" as keywords for the hiding places?

For the FLAGSTACK community, there are tools in the fan store called "Blue Alert" that will make it easier for all FLAGHUNTERs to find the blueprint puzzle pieces that are floating around. Click here and help the community to find the blueprint puzzle pieces!

Of course, the volunteers are not sitting around idly - they are evaluating the first tangible clues. There is a lot that sounds very promising to find Sir Mango - we will keep you up to date on this...

It is still ALARM BLUE - good luck with your mission on the trail of the blueprints!


Team Battle #68 is over now and all 70 teams have achieved great results!

Here is a look at the top 10 of the overall ranking for our statistics fans:










Sic Mundus Creatus Est
additional 30,000 credits for the team account





additional 20,000 credits for the team account





Kent and the Lockdown Flags
additional 10,000 credits for the team account





Freedom Fighters
additional 9,000 credits for the team account





additional 8,000 credits for the team account





Team FlagVikings
additional 7,000 credits for the team account





Knight Riders
additional 6,000 credits for the team account





The Fantastic Five
additional 5,000 credits for the team account





Tower Power East
additional 4,000 credits for the team account





Bielefelder Flaggers
additional 3,000 credits for the team account




And here's the fraction ranking of Team Battle #68, and we're delighted with the great overall performance from all players:









The Syndicate of Flag Hunter
each player has won 5,000 credits and the fraction badge






The Cartel of Flag Seeker
each player has won 3,000 credits and the fraction badge






The Alliance of Flag Keeper
each player has won 1,000 credits and the fraction badge





All details about the team and fraction rankings can be found with a quick click.

You can find all detailed information about the credit distribution on the official FLAGSTACK help page for Team Battles.

You are enthusiastic about Team Battles, all the excitement and variety and especially about your personal advantages through the great prizes? Than you know what you have to do: Tell all your friends about it and create a new team - or even two - because after a short recovery time the next Team Battle is already in sight - on 05. August 2021 at 0:00 (Timezone Europe / Berlin) the TB #69 starts!



Good morning!
Today is the last day of the birthday search game where you can hit the 1,000,000 point jackpot - have you got all the numbers together yet?

Was your search for the cake pieces successful? Because the cake battle also ends tonight at midnight (FHQ time)!

Did you know that since this month won vouchers* can also be used permanently in the webshop on reduced items? No - then fill up your inventory quickly....

From August we will also bring back Jump&Run hotspots from the Corona break and work off the waiting list....

And if you have any questions or suggestions, just contact - the FHQ team will help you quickly and competently!

*=This applies to ALL vouchers won so far!


Our worst fears have come true....

FLAGHUNTER, do you know the feeling of being watched? That's how we felt the last few days here at FHQ. And today, on Sunday, we found out that the FHQ has been burgled!
We are shocked, you can believe us... And we need your help to find the criminals, so we will tell you everything we know.

We can't say exactly when it started. At the beginning you think you're hallucinating when you see shadows or when things outside are different in the morning than they were the night before. We are sure the FHQ has been spied on for a longer time. Why? No idea. Unless... Actually, we wanted to tell you later.... Well, we have an innovation in development right now that seems to have attracted a lot of attention.

So what happened last night? The CEO's office was broken into from the roof, and that's where all the important documents are kept. Yesterday, of all days, we didn't put away the blueprints for the secret project. And now they are gone...! Fortunately, at least we thought on the security level to store the blueprints as loose puzzle pieces, so that it's not clear at first which development it is.

Of course, we looked immediately at the security cameras and were able to spot the thieving gang: small creatures, they looked like raccoons...

We still saw them running away. While doing so, we noticed there was a "SM" on the bag with the blueprint loot. Hmmm, SM, what does that mean? The developer team was put to work on the research, because that's what they're really good at. On the Darknet, they keep coming across a name mentioned with espionage and theft: SIR MANGO!

Sir Mango - never heard before. But it has to be this way. Sir Mango, a badger, as a boss with raccoons as errand boys who have to do the dirty work. That explains why raccoons have been on the FLAGSTACK map for the last few days. They showed up sometimes here and there - and some were loitering in close proximity to the FHQ....

Okay, we can narrow down who did it. What else did we see on the camera? It looked like the bag with the blueprint loot was not correctly closed. When the gang of thieves ran to the getaway car, some of the blueprint puzzle pieces dropped out of the bag. What a bummer - it was windy and the puzzle pieces were flying around like autumn leaves....

Wait, one detail is missing... A picture shows a raccoon with a smartphone in his hand. It looks like he opened a secret chat on WhatsApp. We zoomed in on the image but couldn't make out more than the fragments "sm", "blue", "white", "worldwide" and "hidden"....

This is where you come in! We urgently need your assistance in retrieving the blueprint puzzle pieces to complete the development of the project!

Are you able to do anything with the words from the chat? What could be meant by "blue" and "white"? "Worldwide" and "hide" actually sound simple, but where do you want to start searching? It reads as if only on second glance or reload the hiding places on the map become visible.... Please, try everything you can imagine! We need the blueprints to avoid having to start all over again with the development...!

First, collect at least 90 of these blueprint puzzle pieces hiding behind something blue! For another, collect at least 90 of these blueprint puzzle pieces that are hiding behind something white!

Remember the further clue.... On the run, a few blueprint puzzle pieces dropped out of the bag and are blowing around the world.... We're sure you'll find them on the map! Pick up as many of the blueprint puzzle pieces that are blowing around as possible, because they will help you complete the two tasks described above!

For the FLAGSTACK community, there are tools in the fanshop called "Alarm Level Blue" that will make it easier for all FLAGHUNTERs to find the blueprint puzzle pieces that are flying around. Click here and help the community finding the blueprint puzzle pieces!

If you complete both tasks between 18 July 2021 (20:00 h) and 30 August 2021 (23:59 h, both time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin), we are sure you will discover the mysterious Sir Mango and we will be able to finish the development of the secret project in time.

There is ALARM LEVEL BLUE - good luck with your mission on the trail of the blueprints!



Do you enjoy FLAGSTACK's birthday month?

Don't panic, we are not singing again ;-)

We just want to follow up on your fun with the activities for FLAGSTACK's 6th birthday....

Today is the big EM 2020 final! Tonight the Italian and English teams play against each other (may the better team win). And at midnight the European Championship will be over at FLAGSTACK. So, have you finished all the tasks you wanted to do for the badge series? There is still a little time left...

If you look at the Eternal Flags, you can tell - the cake fight is in full swing! Each Eternal Flag is a FLAGSTACK's Bakery branch in July, offering you fresh cupcakes and cake pieces every day. Snack on the right cake pieces and enjoy the sweet badges!

Do you want to open your own branches? Just go to the FLAGSTACK Fanshop and get your licenses, so that these Eternal Flags will appear as bakery branches on the map during July... When the sweet treats are captured, your guest and you as the owner of the Eternal Flag will get some extra points...

Where is the way to the licensing? This way:

At the same time Jackie and Jack are traveling as Jackpot Jumpers on the map... The mystery of the six correct Jackie numbers and the 2 correct Jack additional numbers have already been solved by some FLAGHUNTERs. Are you interested in the status after a third of the time?

So, please have a look...
6 out of 49 - 3 correct Jackies - 8x in total
6 out of 49 - 4 correct Jackies - 7x in total
6 out of 49 - 5 correct Jackies - 4x in total
6 out of 49 - 6 correct Jackies - 2x in total

With the right tactics, you can not only succeed at soccer, but also lure Jackie and Jack to you... Tactics? Yes, of course! Watch the Jackies and Jacks on the map (works totally fine via the Jumper Flag world map on the website ) and use a force field right at jump time. We have heard that one or more Jackies and Jacks can be motivated to come directly to you :-)

By the way: From 12.07., when the European Championship is over, the chance of Jackies and Jacks visiting increases, because the soccer balls disappear from the map.

And one more thing, aside from the exciting tasks to keep you busy.... Have you ever tried to use a voucher from Capture or Deploy Rewards on discounted items in the webshop?  Didn't work? From now on it works! Try it out now and get what you want!

Soooo, written enough :-) Have an exciting soccer evening and lots of fun with the birthday activities!

Best regards


Birthday Cake Fun at FLAGSTACK

Three... Two... One... Duck as fast as you can...!

For your sixth birthday in July, you'll get another surprise: a delicious birthday cake. One? Let's not be so modest.... How about six birthday cakes this month?

Okay, you're on board and helping with the food - that's great!

If you go to an Eternal Flag in July, you'll be virtually standing in front of the FLAGSTACK Bakery. There are 6 different birthday cakes on offer. As soon as you capture the Eternal Flag, the cake fight begins and a total of 9 sweet treats appear on the map. You can snack on them all, they are 100% calorie free :-)

But look at them in detail.... Are they the cake pieces you need for the 6 different cake fight badges?

FLAGSTACK Bakery will serve you the following varieties of birthday cakes in July:

Strawberry Chocolate Cake, Apple Cake, Berry Cake, Chocolate Cake, Nut Cake with Cranberries and Marzipan Cake

Are there any yummy treats in there for you? To get the badge for each kind of birthday cake, you have to collect a total of 8 cake pieces per kind. Then you have a complete birthday cake, which you can enjoy colorfully in the badge. Once you've collected all the cake fight badges, you'll get a special birthday cake badge on top!

Each of the pieces of cake from the FLAGSTACK Bakery comes with 6 Capture and 6 Capture On points. Do you plan to open your own store? We recommend you to go to the FLAGSTACK webshop and get your Franchise Eternal Flag. Deploy them to friends or other foodies so you can have as much fun as possible with this cake battle!

Be warned - sometimes there are surprises at the FLAGSTACK Bakery of your choice....  But don't worry, you'll like them all!

Be sure to enjoy the month of July with the FLAGSTACK cake fight in addition to the big birthday search game :-)

Cake fight throwing time: 01-31 July 2021 (FHQ/Europe/Berlin time zone). If you still have questions, ingredient list or so, please email us at - with the new ticket system, you will be helped by the support as soon as possible.

Sweet regards and
Capture the flag...



Birthday search game with FLAGSTACK

Cover your ears for a second, we need to get this out loud....

Happy Birthday to all the FLAGHUNTERs,
Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday, happy birthday…
Happy Birthday toooooo all of uuuuuuuusssss!

In July THE party of the year takes place and YOU are our guest of honor for our 6th birthday - because WE celebrate this year really big and loud!

As our first Party Month Surprise, we're giving you details on our Birthday Search Game that will keep you on your toes in July 2021....
Read it carefully before you toast FLAGSTACK's birthday ;-)

In the Birthday Search game, there are two different types of Jackpot Jumper Flags jumping around on the map - they are called Jackie and Jack.
Jackie has a total of 49 pink Jackpot Jumper Flags, you can distinguish them by the numbers 01-49.
Jack has a total of 10 blue Jackpot Jumper Flags, which you can distinguish by the numbers 01-10.

For the Birthday Search Game, there are a total of 6 winning levels that you can reach one after the other.
Of course, we won't tell you the correct numbers... All the excitement would be ruined then :-)

These are your goals for each winning level:

Winning level 1 = 3 correct numbers:
Find 3 of the 6 correct numbers from a total of 49 Jackie Jackpot Jumper Flags! You will receive a badge and 30,000 credits as a reward

Winning level 2 = 4 correct numbers:
Find another one, making a total of 4 of the 6 correct numbers out of a total of 49 Jackie Jackpot Jumper Flags! You will receive another badge and another 10,000 credits as a reward

Winning level 3 = 5 correct numbers:
Find one more and thus a total of 5 of the 6 correct numbers from a total of 49 Jackie Jackpot Jumper Flags! You will receive a badge and 10,000 credits as a reward.

Winning level 4 = 6 correct numbers:
Find the last of the 6 correct numbers from a total of 49 Jackie Jackpot Jumper Flags! Of course, you will also receive a badge and additional 10,000 credits as a reward.

Winning level 5 = 6 correct numbers + 1 bonus number:
Find the first of the 2 correct numbers from a total of 10 Jack Jackpot Jumper Flags! A badge is guaranteed - as well as additional 20,000 credits as a reward.

Winning level 6 = 6 correct + 2 bonus numbers:
Find the last of the 2 correct numbers out of a total of 10 Jack Jackpot Jumper Flags! ***JACKPOT*** You have found all the right Jackies and Jacks on the map! For this achievement you get another 20,000 credits with the badge!

For the entire Birthday Search Game, you'll end up with 100,000 credits for sure. And of course, we're being especially generous in our anniversary month...
Among all FLAGHUNTERS who make it to win level 6, we will divide a total of 1 million points equally at the beginning of August!

ALL Jackie and Jack Jackpot Jumper Flags can be found from 1 July 2021 (0:00, FHQ/Europe/Berlin time zone). So it is possible that you have already found one or both of the right Jacks before you have found all of the correct Jackies. All the searching is completely parallel! There is also no order of finding the correct numbers. It's just important to find the right ones.... Another FLAGHUNTER may have collected the right numbers in a different order than you to reach a winning level. Just collect all the Jackie and Jack Jackpot Jumper Flags you can find - the right ones will be there at some point! By the way, each Jackie and Jack can only be captured once.

Come on, admit it - you want all of this too! So keep a close eye on the FLAGSTACK map, where Jackie and Jack are hanging out... Get a good chance to catch them by studying the times they jump, and use a Force Field at that moment... You know what may happen then???

Short explanation about the Force Field: While the Force Field is active (60 minutes after deploy) up to 60 Jumper Flags are attracted by the energy of the Force Field, even in times when actually no Jumper Flags would appear at your place.

This Birthday Search Game takes place in July 2021 (FHQ/Europe/Berlin time zone) and offers you huge prizes as well as thrills!

Redeem the won credits in the FLAGSTACK Credit Shop and choose your favorite flags!

Join in the fun and look forward to even more action for FLAGSTACK's 6th birthday!
Capture the flag...

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