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Great archaeological finds and experiences of a very special kind have made the archaeologists happy during the last days! They discovered a new pyramid, deciphered a papyrus scroll, set scarab beetles free, opened a sarcophagus, discovered murals, found SIM1 and warmly welcomed her to the team of volunteers, translated hieroglyphics and finally admired animal statues.

However, they were unable to answer all the mysteries related to the pyramid, because thousands of years of history and myths cannot be explained within a few days - pyramids remain fascinating for the next thousands of years and more.

To celebrate the fact that everything went well and everyone survived these adventures joyfully and healthy, they celebrate a big party - the Flag Monday! Let's all celebrate these special prices together in the webshop:

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Team Battle #48 is over now and all 67 teams have achieved great results!

Here is a look at the top 10 of the overall ranking for our statistics fans... As it should be, your hard work will be rewarded. Take a close look - placing in the top 10 is worthwhile for your team due to the mega credit wins! Don't miss them!










Die vier lustigen Fuenf
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Seefliegers Fun Team
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DMV Flaggers
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additional 17,500 credits for the team account





FHQ - Bootcamp
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GifHorner FlagHunter
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Die 4 Fragezeichen
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additional 7,500 credits for the team account





The A-Team
additional 5,000 credits for the team account




And here's the faction ranking of Team Battle #48, and we're delighted with the great overall performance from all players:









The Syndicate of Flag Hunter
each player has won 1 Party Flags (Event Package 25) and the faction badge





The Cartel of Flag Seeker
each player has won 3 Party Flags (Event Package 25) and the faction badge





The Alliance of Flag Keeper
each player has won Party Flags (Event Package 25)
and the faction badge




All details about the team and faction rankings can be found with a quick click.

Team Battle #48 was once again rewarded with the bonus system! The lucky ones are happy about these relay wins:




1x White Flag


1x Oracle Flag


1x Second Chance


1x Night Flag


1x Adventure Flag

So if you and your team earned over 40,000 credits, you'd get first-class winnings as a bonus!

You can find all detailed information about the credit distribution on the official FLAGSTACK help page for Team Battles.

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Kisdorf, 2019/12/01



"Imagine what people think about our experiences here these days..." The expedition team is very motivated by all the discoveries and is determined to return to the pyramid to discover the final parts. They go up and down a thousand steps and diagonal corridors, sometimes right and sometimes left, through wide, magnificent alleys and narrow bottlenecks. "Have you noticed anything?" the archaeologists Powerslice and Sundream say, "We discovered so many chambers and treasures dedicated to gods that had human appearance."

But what is that? The passage that the 9's are just entering is changing into a large hall. And as if the two archaeologists had suspected it, in this room of substantial size they find many gold treasures, vases, jewels and two huge golden statues of the god Anubis, who was depicted with a dog's head and the goddess Bastet, known as the cat goddess.

"You see, animals were known in early mankind, popular as domestic animals and even sacred!" And contrary to all today's clichés, dogs and cats were respected synonymously.

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The full moon is already shining in the sky, and as an expedition team of 9 archaeologists now they go to rest a little. On the way out to the camp, archaeologist Lednimedvidek catches a glimpse of something that everyone has missed so far. An inconspicuous but nevertheless noticeable and atypical hollow in a stone thousands of years old. She cannot resist the natural curiosity and palpates this deepening. At the same moment, as if by magic, a door made of stone opens which no one has notice before. "How were we able to overlook that?" they ask themselves. Archaeologist Lednimedvidek suspects it's related to the full moon.

Behind the door they discover a room shimmering in candlelight, which was dedicated to Thot, the god of the moon and magic, according to the hieroglyphics.

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The expedition team is surprised how many treasure chambers they discover. They make a wise decision and split the group. Luckily they are many, and so they can go parallel on exploration tour.

The group led by archaeologist Borghuis takes a narrow corridor leading upwards. The further they go, the narrower the path becomes and the more oppressive the building appears. But look, up there it sparkles, it becomes brighter, the sun shines through a previously unknown small opening and lets a huge room shine brightly. The 4 courageous archaeologists squeeze through the last bottleneck of the path and are blinded by the bright light.

Archaeologist Borghuis goes on, on and on... "Wait, stop, you can't see where you're going!" the others shout after him. But archaeologist Borghuis feels magically attracted by the light, it is a stronger energy that puts him under its spell. The other three archaeologists are waiting a few meters behind him. "Where are you?" they ask, "Are you all right?"

"Don't worry," they hear archaeologist Borghuis' voice from the bright light, "I'm feeling better than I ever did before!"

Suddenly the three of them see something coming towards them... There are two people! "Sun god Ra has given me a gift," says archaeologist Borghuis, "I have found my very personal treasure: SIM1!”

On the shortest way the five happy ones look for the others. They have to spread this great news quickly! As they all quickly realize, they brilliantly like each other and decide to officially welcome SIM 1 to their expedition team of volunteers!

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If you read this today, you were able to save your heart by rolling the dice... What luck! And full of confidence in their luck, the 8 archaeologists go on, further and further into the depths of the pyramid and along the winding corridors. With torches they mark the already explored areas, because it is a huge labyrinth that appears here.


After minutes that seem endless, archaeologist CacheKidsCB recognizes the entrance to another room at the end - a magnificent place - the walls covered with well-preserved mural paintings. Thousands of pictures, images of gods and animals, tell stories from bygone times. Archaeologist CacheKidsCB is a true connoisseur in this field and translates the following incident:


"Isis, patron saint, guardian and advisor of all beings who suffer or are in great sorrow. I am Isis, the magical Ach, and I have more wisdom than any other god.”


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"So far everything has been fine," the expedition team explains, "and there's certainly much more to see!" So they take all their courage and continue... And on they go into the unknown. On their way they find torches and wall brackets. In the glow of light, the unknown usually feels better. And still the shadows seem somehow alive - they dance in the light and it is unclear - what is real and what is delusion?

Another treasure chamber brings back thoughts to here and now... Everyone has a slightly queasy feeling, archaeologist asp_fan_cb goes first and finds a sarcophagus. For the first time on this discovery tour, they are uncertain. "Shall we open the sarcophagus?" Of course! What might happen?

With joint forces they push the top cover a little aside. They don't see anything, but it seems like they hear a voice saying:

"Osiris, god and judge of the dead and the underworld, will be performing the weighing of your heart to determine if you are worthy to enter the realm of the dead. Place dice-flags for players to determine their current heart weight by rolling the dice.”

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With agitated feelings, a combination of inquisitiveness and fear of the unknown, archaeologists today set off deeper into the pyramid. Some levels go up and down, it becomes more and more confusing with each step. Fortunately, the team of 8 archaeologists together has enough courage to go on and on.

Out of nowhere, they find one more door. It is opened a crack, and out of this door the scarabs crawl... A scarab - a symbol of the sun - it must be a burial chamber dedicated to Horus, the god of heaven. Luckily, archaeologist thwe16 is not afraid of the insects and can discern the inscription inside the room:

Horus, the God of the Heaven, wants to prevent Seth from gaining power on earth. The followers of Horus have to deploy and activate Eternal Flags, thus closing the dark portals at sunrise.

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The entrance to the hidden pyramid is open!

In the faint light of a candle, the 8 archaeologists peer through an opening which they have cut of the wall. Slowly their eyes get used to the dim light. From the darkness a weird and wonderful mess of corridors and chambers gradually emerges. But what is that? It is teeming... There are hundreds, thousands of small bugs crowding to the light... They want to get out and suddenly spread all over the world! Can you see them? Such a scarab is certainly also close to you on the map!

It is 25 November 2019 when archaeologist DTas first dares to enter the pyramid. The others follow because no one wants to walk alone through the dark corridors - who knows what has been waiting for the living for centuries…?
From the main path, which is surprisingly well preserved, it goes deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of the pyramid. And there it is behind a corner - a wall opening, closed with a panel but still easy to open. It seems to be a burial chamber dedicated to the god Amun. The candles only cast a dull light into the chamber, it seems empty at first sight. But on closer look, archaeologist DTas discovers something oblong - a papyrus roll.

The archaeologists carefully open the roll to decipher what is written on it:

"Amun protects his gods with his shadow!"

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There are many rumours about cyber-treasures shrouded in legend...

There have been rumours about legendary treasures inside pyramids for thousands of years.


Today, on their expedition through Egypt, a team of explorers really succeeded in discovering a hidden pyramid that no modern person has ever entered!

It'll be a few days before the entrance is opened. We expect to be able to report the first discoveries on Monday, 25 November 2019!

Hidden treasures, lost mummies, no one knows what to expect...

Follow it, hobby archaeologist!

May we introduce our expedition team to you: Lusatian devil,thwe16, Sundream, Powerslice, DTas , Lednimedvidek, Borghuis

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