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2nd Cyber Week Offer

The volunteers welcome the extraterrestrial visitors with open arms and deliver
the White Flag at an unbeatable hammer price of 1.50€ / pcs. and cancel the limit! Support our volunteers actively in the following ways to replenish your supplies.

(*instead of 2,99€ - offer valid 24 hours and a combination with other discounts / vouchers is not possible)


1st Cyber Week Offer

They are back and now even better than last time! Save up to 70% and get the great Flagstack Advent Calendar for great X-Mas days in December!!

From now on you can purchase the "Advent Calendar" and the "Advent Calendar PLUS" in our webshop. From 1. to 24.December 2018 (Christmas Eve) a little surprise awaits you every day. You can deploy these Advent calendars from 1.December 2018, 00:00 (time zone Europe / Berlin) with the app on the map. At that moment, 24 Advent doors are placed within a radius of 1km around your current location on the map. These 24 Advent doors can only be seen and capped for you! The campaign with the Advent Specials ends on 31. December 2018 at 23:59 (time zone Europe/Berlin).

What do you get? Your personal FLAGSTACK Advent Calendar contains a colorful mix of flags and lots of surprises and costs you only 19,- €uro (with a total value of more than 70,- €uro)! The FLAGSTACK Advent Calendar PLUS costs you only 29,- €uros (with a total value of 100,- €uros). Once you have opened all the Advent doors, you will receive an exclusive Advent calendar badge on top!

Dealing with the Advent calendar is quite simple. You can open the right Advent door every day. You cannot open an Advent door before the appropriate date, but of course you can open all Advent doors retroactively. For example, if you are going on holiday just before Christmas, you can deploy the Advent doors at your holiday resort and open all the past Advent doors there. Or, if you are back home before New Year's Eve, pick up the remaining Advent doors in your home town, which you couldn't reach during your absence. We are sure that with these tips you will be able to choose the right location for your deployment...

Since it is not possible to check whether Advent doors lie in a secure area or how good the mobile phone reception is, it can happen in individual cases that Advent doors are not reachable. Therefore, there is no legal claim to be able to collect all Advent doors. Therefore, you have the possibility to send an e-mail at until 20.December 2018, 23:59 (time zone Europe/Berlin) in which you list the unreachable Advent doors according to their unique ID number. These Advent doors will be moved to random but accessible coordinates. The Advent calendar is excluded from any voucher campaigns.

The Advent calendars will be available until 20.December 2018, 23:59 (time zone Europe / Berlin). Go quickly to the webshop and ensure your personal Advent experience of the very special kind...

We wish you an exciting time during the Cyber Monday Week and in December with the FLAGSTACK Advent Calendar!


The cyber invasion has started...


...but they come in peace!

A few UFOs were spotted on the horizon during the last days - not only near Ireland, no, also on the FLAGSTACK map... But don't worry, something unknown or new really can mean it well with you!

And the first UFO has already landed in Kisdorf, Germany, at the FLAGSTACK Head Quarter (FHQ) and has returned the temporarily disappeared Flaghunter of the Volunteer Service! What luck that nothing bad happened to them!

The Flaghunter have brought good news:

The extraterrestrial visitors didn't come to pick you up... They heard about the incredible discounts on Earth during Cyber Monday Week and they will check it out for a week. The volunteers and the FHQ welcome the visitors from outer space with open arms!

They even brought gifts for hosts: the galactically great FLAGSTACK Advent Calendar 2018 in two versions :) We'll tell you more about this later in the day...

You mean there's always a catch? You are right... Through their supernatural abilities things can change here on earth... And the things they like best, they transform them into their own appearance...! Look at the FLAGSTACK map from this morning and dare you to the Cyber Invasion! They have promised not to harm humans...

Don't be afraid and look forward to an exciting Cyber Monday Week...


Adventure Flag

Green Flag

Oracle Flag

Party Flag

Treasure Flag

White Flag

Jumper Flag




Abductions reported in this Area!

An unknown flying object is sighted over Kisdorf (FHQ). The population breaks out in unrest. Shortly thereafter the all-clear: The whole thing was only a newspaper duck.

But then six Flaghunter of the Volunteer Service disappear, which were concerned with the affair, before they can bring the truth to light:

There is indeed an imminent alien invasion, and space visitors can manipulate people's feelings and thoughts. Soon the visitors will have everything and everyone under control ...



Anomalies have been detected on the Flagstack map for several days. At the beginning there were about 25 unknown objects. Then followed some with LvL50 and today with LvL75 - pay attention to the description before you approach these objects and make sure you have the appropriate player level (or higher) and eliminate these objects.

known details:
Cyber Ambassador
We come in peace and explore the earth for a potential visit in the near future...


Oh, what a FLAGSTACK October...

Was it also an exciting FLAGSTACK October for you? There was quite a lot going on...

At the beginning of the month we celebrated the Oktoberfest, remember? Here a beer on the map, there a gingerbread heart... Altogether we had a lot of fun!

And then it got spooky, creepy and scary beautiful - with the festival on Halloween! Just recently all FLAGSTACKERs together could clean the map of small ghosts, bats and skulls... And we were told, here and there some tombstones were discovered where nobody would have expected them! Have you seen any? And did you also reach the Halloween Badge 2018? Yes, it was really challenging and not just reachable by the way... From time to time you want to do proper tasks...?! Something exciting... Something that you can be really proud of when you reach it... Or you can tell yourself: Shit - it was really, really close! But next time, I'll get it...! That's the way it should be, and we congratulate all Halloween Badge 2018 conquerors and everyone else who did their best and had a lot of fun with this event :)

Ines (DE) also had a lot of fun this month, and she can be proud of herself! Because as the number 2 in the overall ranking, she has secured herself the number 1 position here: As the first woman in the FLAGSTACK world she has reached level 100! WOW, this requires constant play and a lot of ambition. On her way with FLAGSTACK to this point she collected and placed many flags for 33 months, reached many badges and got to know people and country on many journeys. Keep it up, Ines! And we would like to show you: it works! Everything is possible! Turn it into your game...!

So many events let tumble down records: In October 2018 the 3 millionth flag was deployed and the 20 millionth capture was made! Also in this case we can tell the whole FLAGSTACK community: WOW, all together you are unbeatable!

And yes, at the moment all flags are back on the map in their original appearance. And yes, of course we already have new plans for new surprises and new tasks for you this month. And yes, we will inform you soon with details :)

Until then, you can look forward to the new offer of the month for November in the Credit Shop get the Multiplier Card Flag and let the games begin!

So stay tuned, because it stays exciting...



Team Battle #35 is over now...

....and all 77 teams have achieved great results!

Here is a look at the top 10 of the overall ranking for our statistics fans... As it should be, your hard work will be rewarded. Take a close look - placing in the top 10 is worthwhile for your team due to the mega credit wins! Don't miss them!










Bielefelder Flaggers
additional 90,000 credits for the team account




additional 60,000 credits for the team account




additional 30,000 credits for the team account




The Marauders
additional 20,000 credits for the team account





Flag Squad
additional 17,500 credits for the team account





Team Raclette
additional 15,000 credits for the team account





Die 4 Fragezeichen
additional 12,500 credits for the team account





GifHorner FlagHunter
additional 10,000 credits for the team account





additional 7,500 credits for the team account





Absolventen Des FHQ-Bootcamps
additional 5,000 credits for the team account




And here's the faction ranking of Team Battle #35, and we're delighted with the great overall performance from all players:









The Cartel of Flag Seeker
each player has won 50 Green Flag and the faction badge





The Alliance of Flag Keeper
each player has won 25 Green Flag and the faction badge





The Syndicate of Flag Hunter
each player has won 10 Green Flag and the faction badge




All details about the team and faction rankings can be found with a quick click.

Team Battle #35 was once again rewarded with the bonus system! The lucky ones are happy about these relay wins:




1x Friend Flag


1x White Flag


1x Second Chance


1x Personal Happy Hour


1x Jumper Flag

So if you and your team earned over 40,000 credits, you'd get first-class winnings as a bonus!

You can find all detailed information about the credit distribution on the official FLAGSTACK help page for Team Battles.

You are enthusiastic about Team Battles, all the excitement and variety and especially about your personal advantages through the great prizes? Than you know what you have to do: Tell all your friends about it and create a new team - or even two - because after a short recovery time the next Team Battle is already in sight - on 05. November 2018 at 0:00 (Timezone Europe / Berlin) the TB #36 starts!



To celebrate the 3 millionth FLAGSTACK flag, we're publishing a nice LAB in Baltimore!

Incredibly but true, the 3 millionth flag is here for you :)

Last Thursday it was finally done and FreiWild (DE) has placed a very special monument!

When and where?

In the afternoon of 18.October 2018 in Rosenheim (DE)

Who and what?

FreiWild (DE) was certainly very happy! First of all about this big coup, and of course about the great prize of 30% discount in the webshop...

Apropos big coup and monument... Just in time for this moment there was a great suggestion for a new LAB (Local Area Badge) in the US, and we're happy to publish it. So if you're planning to be in the Baltimore area, it's worth a double or triple visit! Here you can find some information to entice you:

Baltimore, Maryland was first called The Monumental City in 1823. The nickname was initially a reference to Baltimore's starting the first monument to President George Washington on July 4, 1815. A newspaper at the time said their victory over the British in the War of 1812 gave them the humble honor and "glory of being the first to erect a monument of gratitude to the Father and Benefactor of our Country." The name was used in a toast to the city by President John Quincy Adams a few years later. The name stuck because the city soon became known for its many other monuments to civic and military heroes. Unlike most monuments at the time, many of the new memorials were funded by private subscriptions. The "Monumental City" name differs from other nicknames for Baltimore, such as "Charm City", in that it was not created as a marketing campaign.

SoccerFanatics (US) and DudleyGrunt (US) have identified 80 different monuments in Baltimore for you to visit. They recognize prominent citizens, sports heroes, artists,  politicians, and military veterans. There are monuments to Baltimore's mothers, cultural events, Native Americans, and even to the end of Prohibition and the return of beer to the city. Well then, cheers :)

To complete this LAB, receive a badge and 72,000 points (wow!!!), you must visit 72 of the 80 “Monumental City” flags with a special icon. The two originators of this LAB encourage you to read more about the various monuments you will visit along the way to earning this LAB, just have a look at the flag description! There are other monuments throughout the city, but we had to draw a line somewhere!   

Are there also beautiful landscapes or special buildings in your area that deserve to make it big with a LAB? Then send your suggestions to and we will create a unique LAB together!

We are happy to receive ideas for individual sights at

It can be an entire country? Then send your idea to and we will contact you!

Autumnal greetings and a beautiful golden October sends

Team FLAGSTACK           


Trick or treat?

FLAGSTACK wants to know from you: Trick or treat?

Hello Flaghunter,

"Trick or treat?" - that is the question... All the sweet things, give them to me!

You can have them right here:

Because all, yes really ALL products in our Webshop are reduced by up to 30%* from now until 20.October 2018, 21:00 h (time zone Europe / Berlin)!

Frighteningly good savings throughout the shop, for you as a sweet Halloween candy!

Get your favorite flags for the super offer and just continue to have lots of fun...


*A combination with any discounts, vouchers and rebates is not possible, except gift vouchers. The discount is not payable in cash. Only available for orders in connection with PayPal via the website. An order with vouchers and/or discounts via apps is currently not possible.


FLAGSTACK makes the Credit Shop even better!

The Credit Shop is surely your favourite shop?! Cause this is where you can trade your hard-earned credits for many great flags.

The only downer: Not all flags are available in the Credit Shop.

But that's over now - we want to change that. In the future, there will be movement in here...

From now on you will find alternating flags in the Credit Shop every month that were not available until now.

Because every month during the Team Battle transfer window (01.-04. every month, time zone Europe/Berlin) we will swap flags in the Credit Shop.

This month (October 2018) we start with.... Drum roll…. This month we start with the Jumper Flag and the gift vouchers in the Credit Shop!

That's a great idea - if you deploy your fresh Jumper Flag from the Credit Shop right away, it will fly around the world as a bat for the 2018 Halloween special!

Take a look at the Credit Shop and reward yourself for your work!

Have fun shopping for free!


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