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Rescue Christmas!

Reindeer have escaped from Santa... To make him distributing gifts all over the world, you have to help him catching the reindeer. Capture a total at least of 24 reindeer from 24.-26.December 2017 (0:00-23:59, Time Zone Europe / Berlin) and rescue Christmas!

Among all diligent helpers who saved Christmas by reaching this badge, we raffle lots of super prizes*!

1st prize: 1 FLAGSTACK jacket

2nd prize: 12 months premium membership

3rd prize: 1 FLAGSTACK Polo-Shirt (orange or green)

4th prize: 1 FLAGSTACK raglan shirt

5th - 9th prize: 1 Dice Flag each

10th - 15th prize: 1 surprise each (new flag type)

16th - 25th prize: 1 jumper flag each


Take a look at the FLAGSTACK map on the Christmas days and enjoy a walk with the reindeer hunt!

We keep our fingers crossed for all participants and wish you a wonderful holiday…


*The draw will take place between 27.-31.December 2017. The winners will be announced by name after the draw. Legal recourse is excluded. The winnings are not paid out in cash.






Recommended by Santa Clauses: The Flagstack Advent Calendar 2017 PLUS

With the deployment of the Advent calendar, 24 Advent doors will be displayed within a radius of 1 km around your current location, only visible to you.

You cannot open an Advent door before the appropriate date, but of course you can open all Advent doors retroactively.


We wish you all a nice first Advent - your Team Flagstack


Team Battle #24 is over - and the winner is....

Wow - twenty-four months of Team Battle...! That really is something to be savored! A long time with a lot of excitement and fun! Can I get the other team's flag home? And can I free other flags? In any case we say THANK YOU for your loyalty in Team Battle and wish you a lucky hand: -)

In the top 10 in Team Battle #24 there are two teams from the USA and one team from Australia - The Mauraders (US) even climbed up to second place. Make yourselves comfortable at the head of the Team Battles and show that it works - we want to see as many different national flags as possible up there!

At the moment is a short pause for the Team Battle. You didn’t participate in Team Battle? Keep your eyes and ears open from 01.-04.December 2017 (time zone Europe / Berlin) for existing or new teams, that might need your assistance! As you can see in the ranking, some are capable to splendid performances - what about you? In the next Team Battle #25 there are lots of flags for free again - only your commitment counts!

You have worked flat out and gave everything during the last Team Battle? Redeem your earned credits quickly and have fun with your new flags! Click here to go directly to the credit shop: On the team page you find the link to the shop below the overview map.

Here are the information about the overall ranking and the facts of Team Battle #24 for our statistical fans. All in all, we gave away lots of great prizes worth many thousands of €uros! All 90 teams have achieved great results and hard work is rewarded:

1. Die 4 Fragezeichen (DE) – Credits: 50,847 – The Alliance - as a bonus, each player was credited with an additional 30,000 credits + the #1 Team-Badge

2. The Marauders (US) – Credits: 48,602 – The Alliance - as a bonus, each player was credited with an additional 20,000 credits + the #2 Team-Badge

3. RedFlagStars (DE) – Credits: 31,630 – The Alliance - as a bonus, each player was credited with an additional 10,000 credits + the #3 Team-Badge

And here's the faction ranking from Team Battle #24. We're delighted with the great overall performance from all players:

1. The Alliance of Flag Keeper - Teams: 36 - Credits: 381,348 - Average: 10,593 - each player has won 75 Party Flags + the faction badge

2. The Syndicate of Flag Hunter - Teams: 28 - Credits: 214,545 - Average: 7,662 - each player has won 50 Party Flags + the faction badge

3. The Cartel of Flag Seeker - Teams: 26 - Credits: 126,901 - Average: 4,881 - each player has won 25 Party Flags + the faction badge

Team Battle #24 was once again rewarded with the great bonus system! The lucky ones are happy about these relay wins:

2,500 Credits = 25 Green Flags

5,000 Credits = 1 White Flag on top

10,000 Credits = 1 Second Chance Option on top

20,000 Credits = 1 Oracle Flag on top

40,000 Credits = 1 Adventure Flag on top

So if you've earned more than 40,000 credits with your team, you've won 28 first-class flags and 1 terrific option as a bonus!

Just a short info in advance: from Team Battle #26 in January 2018 onwards, a little bit will change (Team Battle Credits, Shop Credits, Flag Confirmation). Don't you like to speculate? Then we recommend redeeming your credits until 02.January 2018 in the credit shop to your favorite flags.

You know what you have to do: Tell all your friends and start a new team together on - or even two - because after a short recovery time the next Team Battle is already in sight - on 05.December 2017 at 0:00 (Timezone Europe / Berlin) the TB #25 starts!

Kisdorf, 01.12.2017


Cyber Monday Sale

You've seen enough black? Then save up to 50% on today's Cyber Monday with the Borghuis (NL) Flag Pack and the special offers from the FHQ in our fan shop at

And best of all, there are no limits - this means these offers will be added on top to your account.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the volunteers of your choice:

DTas (EN / DE)

Heisenberg (EN)

Lednimedvidek (CZ / EN / DE)

Borghuis (NL / EN / DE)



FLAGSTACK News: How cool is that? You now have your personal Friend Flag Board!

You know, Friend Flags are a really great thing. An inconspicuous data matrix code, which has already crossed your way at events / spontaneous meetings or in various social media groups (for example here in the Friend Flag sharing group ). Surely you've always wanted to see at a glance from which player you've collected how many Friend Flags?

This is now possible! In your account on our website you will find the Friend Flag Board! Look - that's what it looks like: !

This Friend Flag board is an overview of how many Friend Flags you’ve already captured from different players. For example, under the player avatar is "Captures: 5/17" - that means you've already collected 5 of this player's 17 Friend Flags. And that's an unbeatable argument to ask these players for the remaining Friend Flags or to meet people in person - because it is so much fun to spend a great time together and play FLAGSTACK!

And it's just as much fun to deploy flags and support the FLAGSTACK community! And since we love to support you in this, we've thought about adjusting the points of the Friend Flags. From now on - and especially retrospectively - the Friend Flag distributes 2 capture points and 4 capture-on points!

Yeah, how cool is this? Take a look at the board and see how hard you've been collecting Friend Flags... !

The best comes to the end! With the Friend Flag Board we are publishing the next series of relay badges for captures and deployments of Friend Flags! There are 5 Badge-Levels waiting for you with the increase Bronze, Silver and Gold! You still see a question mark avatar in the badge? This will be replaced by the avatar image of the player who first reached this level. Immortalize yourself in this great badge!

Are you ready for this challenge? Go on, get it...

Have fun and good luck!



FLAG FRIDAY! Save up to 40% off

Save on today's Flag Friday with the Flag Pack from Heisenberg (USA) and Lednimedvidek (CZ) up to 40% in our Fan-Shop under

If you have any questions about the Flag Friday or you need help, please feel free to contact the volunteers of your choice:

DTas (EN / DE)

Heisenberg (EN)

Lednimedvidek (CZ / EN / DE)

Borghuis (NL / EN / DE)



As you've probably heard, the Cyber Monday Week starts on Monday all over the world. With FLAGSTACK you can also save a lot of money 8 days long! Take advantage of Cyber Monday Week, Flag Friday and the mega-deal on Cyber Monday!

It's a great opportunity for us to recommend the new FLAGSTACK Fan-Shop to you From Monday, 20.November 2017 (time zone Europe / Berlin) Team FLAGSTACK offers you the daily changing bargains of the year 2017 - the Volunteer Flag Packs!

Every day you will be offered changing Volunteer Flag Packs at special prices. And you can see what's on offer the day before at the regular price. Check out which great Flag Packs will be available tomorrow...

The Volunteer Flag Packs are individually tailored to your needs and wishes by each volunteer and you can save a lot! You want to know who came up with the deals? Take a look at the flag pack name. We are excited about the variety of ideas and the many different Flag Packs - check in every day and discover your favorite flag pack!

No matter if a small budget or the love for Jumper Flags is your favorite - really everyone will get their money's worth! Every day there is a new flag pack on offer...!

You have two things to do now:
Add a note in the calendar for daily reminders of the super offers in the FLAGSTACK Fan-Shop on ...
Listen to your own memories every day, check out the Fan-Shop and save, save, save, save...

Nothing could be easier - have fun with the flag packs 2017!


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