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FLAGSTACK news: In these hard times, you are not alone! Happy Holidays for everyone, as a token of our solidarity!


We know many of you are affected by the Corona virus outbreak. Probably you have already taken measures of social distance or self-quarantine to reduce the risk to yourselves and your families.
We urgently ask each and every one of you to take care of your own safety and therefore also the safety of others, and to follow all the guidelines of your regional authorities.

We at FLAGSTACK have also taken measures to ensure the safety of our team. At the same time, we are constantly working to keep the game going.

As always, your safety and well-being are our highest priority. In order to support you in this hard time, in which you have to stay at home, we would like to give a present to you all.

Every player gets a Happy Holiday Option automatically added to their inventory on Monday! This way we want to enable you to capture flags in your immediate surroundings so you don't have to travel far. We will repeat this promotion weekly as long as Corona forces us to stay at home.

Moreover, starting Monday, players with a Premium Membership will also be able to deploy Green Flags and Oracle Flags via the website . Use this great new feature and show your solidarity worldwide to put some Green Flags into other players’ homezone (max. 25 pcs/day).

Of course, FLAGSTACK as an outdoor game feels the consequences of the Corona pandemic. If you want to support FLAGSTACK, please make sure that you don't run out of flags (no panic buying please - there are enough flags for everyone :-) ). Or maybe you purchase a Premium Membership and use it to test the deployment of Green Flags via the website :-)
This is the only way for us to be there for you permanently and keep the systems running. Next weekend there will be another Voucher Weekend again, and you can make big savings with your vouchers and nevertheless support us.

This weekend it's a Double Point Weekend. We've been thinking a lot about canceling it or not. We decided not to. Because many of you made plans for "safe, non-infectious" points for this weekend that we didn't want to thwart. And there are also many players who just step back, stay at home to scan a few Friend Flags.

We will definitely repeat the Double Point Weekend soon after the Corona Crisis, so all of you can enjoy from the heart to play FLAGSTACK outdoors with double points on captures and deploys...!

On behalf of our whole team we wish all the best in these hard times.

Watch your health! Together we keep the flag flying!



There will be a green ahem great party again on St.Patrick's Day with FLAGSTACK!

Dia Duit und hello, FLAGHUNTER!

All is green on Tuesday, St. Patrick's Day 2020... As St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, the celebration of the saint is a high festival in the Irish regional calendar.
The whole world is celebrating together... At #GlobalGreening sights are illuminated green and at FLAGSTACK the appearance of many a flag will change...

Are you interested in a special badge for this green holiday? Well, there you go...

Celebrate with us and collect at least 60 gold coins (Friend and Green Flags as well as the Happy Holiday Option) and leprechauns (Jumper and Eternal Flags) from 17 - 22 March 2020 (0:00 am - 23:59 pm, time zone FHQ / Europe / Berlin) - of course you can combine them as you prefer - and you will receive the latest badge to honor this Irish national holiday! Besides all the fun you get 600 bonus points :-)

And sure enough: on such special days, when the Irish national color enchants the whole world, we use the green pencil in our webshop... Many articles are reduced in the above mentioned promotion period * - and you can save a lot of money with a quick click for St. Patrick's Day!

This St.Patrick's special can perfectly be combined with the upcoming Double Point Weekend, where you will receive double points for captures and deploys in a fantastic way. (Double Point Weekend from 20 March 2020, 00:00 am to 22 March 2020, 23:59 pm, time zone FHQ / Europe / Berlin).

Due to some questions we like to point out that a Personal Happy Hour can be combined with this special offer (exclude dice flags). Further information and useful tips can be found on

Despite all the fun and ambition around FLAGSTACK - due to the development of COVID-19 / Corona - stay alert and careful for yourself and your environment.
Observe the current governmental developments in your country and follow the recommendations with great accuracy. Our first priority is to protect the health and well-being of our players and employees, and to do our part in curbing proliferation. Therefore the St.Patrick's Day Badge is even suitable for quarantine at worst (with Friend Flags).
Please take care of each other and support each other. Stay safe. Be kind.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!


* A combination with any discounts, vouchers and discounts is impossible, except gift vouchers. The discount is not payable in cash. Only available for orders placed with PayPal on the website. An order with voucher and / or discount via apps is currently impossible.


FLAGSTACK starts to paint Easter eggs for you...

The daffodils can be seen from far away and for the FHQ (FLAGSTACK Head Quarter) this is the starting signal for Easter preparations! Thousands of eggs are ordered, the paint buckets are piling up in the office and the brushes are sharpened...

What does that mean to you? Be sure to include the much-loved hunt for virtual Easter eggs in your plans for the Easter holidays!

For our Premium FLAGHUNTERs this is easiest. Really? Why?

Being a Premium Member you will get an Easter Bunny in your inventory for free right before Easter! And the Easter Bunny will hide the eggs you need to find for the Easter Badge 2020! We like...

All FLAGHUNTERS can immediately make sure of their Easter bunny (ies) in the webshop or make them a present to others. More Easter Bunnies = more Easter Eggs = more fun! And all this for you together, cause every FLAGHUNTER can also find the Easter eggs of others!

There will be more details just before Easter, we have to continue painting now...

Early spring greetings from the FHQ sends



A big thanks to you from FLAGSTACK!

Many thanks to all FLAGHUNTERs who took part in last month's survey and have supported FLAGSTACK and the whole team.

As promised, everyone who told us their username was part of the raffle and the winners of the Jump&Run Flags were chosen.

And because so many people took part in the survey, we give away 10 instead of only 5 Jump&Run Flags :-)


Are you one of them? The answer's right here:

1. - Weinnase3000 (DE)

2. - rogbarn (US)

3. - Uhu712 (DE)

4. - Kyrandia (DE)

5. - TheIslander (AU)

6. - Kendar05 (CZ)

7. - Thogit (DE)

8. - Frank101 (DE)

9. - Beermaven (US)

10. - KattHei (DE)


Have fun with your new Jump&Run flag, either directly at your home or as part of a Jump&Run Hotspot - more information can be found here:


Wishing you a flag-filled March



Team Battle #51

Team Battle #51 is over now and all 64 teams have achieved great results!

Here is a look at the top 10 of the overall ranking for our statistics fans... As it should be, your hard work will be rewarded. Take a close look - placing in the top 10 is worthwhile for your team due to the mega credit wins! Don't miss them!










FHQ - Bootcamp
additional 90,000 credits for the team account




Easy going
additional 60,000 credits for the team account




GifHorner FlagHunter
additional 30,000 credits for the team account




additional 20,000 credits for the team account





Die 4 Fragezeichen
additional 17,500 credits for the team account





Black Pearl 2
additional 15,000 credits for the team account





The Marauders
additional 12,500 credits for the team account





additional 10,000 credits for the team account





Die vier lustigen Fuenf
additional 7,500 credits for the team account





additional 5,000 credits for the team account




And here's the faction ranking of Team Battle #51, and we're delighted with the great overall performance from all players:









The Alliance of Flag Keeper
each player has won 3 Treasure Flag and the faction badge





The Syndicate of Flag Hunter
each player has won 2 Treasure Flag and the faction badge





The Cartel of Flag Seeker
each player has won 1 Treasure Flag and the faction badge




All details about the team and faction rankings can be found with a quick click.

Team Battle #51 was once again rewarded with the bonus system! The lucky ones are happy about these relay wins:




26x Green Flag


1x White Flag


1x Oracle Flag


1x Second Chance


1x Jumper Flag

So if you and your team earned over 40,000 credits, you'd get first-class winnings as a bonus!

You can find all detailed information about the credit distribution on the official FLAGSTACK help page for Team Battles.

You are enthusiastic about Team Battles, all the excitement and variety and especially about your personal advantages through the great prizes? Than you know what you have to do: Tell all your friends about it and create a new team - or even two - because after a short recovery time the next Team Battle is already in sight - on 05. March 2020 at 0:00 (Timezone Europe / Berlin) the TB #52 starts!



Lots of opportunities, let's go for it...


Despite a lot of rain and heavy storms in Europe, we cannot ignore the harbingers of spring, because the first early bloomers are already sticking out their colorful blossom from the ground. And spring is every year again time for changes and better weather :-)

Changes? That’s what we can do, and we'll tell you about it right now...

Nice weather? That’s all we want, and FLAGSTACK is offering the next incentives to get off the couch...

But first things first...

New day, new badge, and new fun: Imagine if there was an extra day a year for flag-hunting. This year there is! Start planning your trips to get your badge for leap day 2020. You can get the rare badge easily by deploying at least 1 flag on Saturday, 29.02.2020 (time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin). Very simple, very easy, and still great :-)

We'll make some nice changes for you to spring-clean:

First we will implement some basic bug fixes and security updates on 02.03.2020 during the course of the day.

Also, the Friend Flag Board will be on a new arrangement: You will see the FLAGHUNTERs in alphabetical order from 02.03.2020 on. The board will show you the number of Friend Flags you have already capped (left number) compared to the actually deployed Friend Flags of the respective FLAGHUNTER (right number) - somehow logical, right?

The Premium Membership at FLAGSTACK will be even better! Instead of 25 Green Flags there will now be 50 Green Flags in your inventory! The capture on points of the Premium Flag will be increased from 10 to now 50 points for the owner! That’s even more reason to buy or extend being a Premium Member, isn’t it? Absolutely, mega!

Speaking of premium membership... Did you know that Premium Members get all the fun included - with all special promotions like Valentine's Day, Happy Easter, Halloween and Premium Vouchers?

Yes, right, the special promotion around Valentine's Day 2020 is just finished, the long ears of the Easter Bunny are already peeking out through the fresh green. The popular Easter activity starts this year on Good Friday, 10.04.2020 (time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin). Just like Easter eggs, we hide the detailed information about it today - but don't worry, you'll be informed in time about what you and your grandma can look forward to :-)

Last but not least - it is time for a DPW again! A eh? A Double Point Weekend! We ask for a big calendar blocker from 20.-22.03.2020 (time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin), because then you will get double capture and deploy points*! Yippee Yeah! Do you want to play it safe? Start planning a nice tour or an event ( to capture and deploy flags... You’re more a spontaneous person? Don't worry, we will remind you of this great promotion!

So many news... Best to read the mail again, make your individual calendar entries so you can benefit from everything,

And then have fun with FLAGSTACK!


*Dice flags are excluded from double capture points. It does not apply to bonus points on badges or cap-on points.


JRF-Hotspot #36

The next JRF-Hotspot #36 Vom Reichstag bis Schloß Bellevue (DE) has just gone online.All 10 Jump and Run can be played in one attempt - good luck!

<<< LINK >>>

What is a Jump and Run Hotspot ? <<< LINK >>>


The winning teams have been chosen...

Hello, Flaghunter!

You remember our Valentine's Day raffle?

"Do you fancy a very special goal in the upcoming Team Battle #51? We raffle one Cupid each to all FLAGHUNTERs who reach the Top 10 with their team until February 12th, 2020, 23:59 (time zone FHQ Europe / Berlin)! Become one of these max. 50 lucky FLAGHUNTERS who receive this special attention from Team FLAGSTACK for Valentine's Day 2020! "

The winning teams have been determined and each team member will have his or her Valentine Special booked into the account during the course of the day.

Congratulations from the FHQ and have fun with Flagstack.

Your team from the FHQ


Badge for the intercalary day 2020

Imagine if there was an extra day a year for flag hunting. This year there is one!
Start planning your trips to get your badge for leap day 2020. You can get the badge simply by deploy at least one flag on Saturday 29 February.



Invitation to a short survey about FLAGSTACK and you!

Hello Flaghunter!

Our claim is that you are always very satisfied with FLAGSTACK. Therefore we would like to know how you experience FLAGSTACK.

We are happy if you give us 3-5 minutes of your time and participate in our short survey. We assure you it is not an advertising action and we ensure anonymous participation as well as compliance with all data protection guidelines. You cannot draw conclusions about your person during the evaluation.

If you tell us your username at the end of the survey, you will automatically participate in the raffle of 5 Jump & Run Flags (for example for your Jump & Run HotSpot?!). Good luck!

The survey will take place from 09.02.2020 to 23.02.2020, 23:59 h (timezone FHQ Europa / Berlin).

Click here for the survey:

Thanks a lot for your help!


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