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Advent, Advent, this year with present...

Every year again
we look forward to the advent,

cause the advent calendar delights us
every day with a present.

This year will be even better,
this year it's gonna be top!

Cause you can make a gif
recently in the FLAGSTACK Webshop!

Thanks to the gingerbread and decorations in the stores, we're all looking forward to Christmas, aren't we? Your anticipation is now reaching unprecedented dimensions, as the popular FLAGSTACK Advent calendar is back!

As of now you can buy the "Advent Calendar" and the "Advent Calendar PLUS" in the FLAGSTACK Webshop. From 1. to 24.December 2019 (Christmas Eve) a little surprise awaits you every day. You can deploy these Advent calendars from 1.December 2019, 00:00 (time zone FHQ Europe / Berlin) with the app on the map. At that moment, 24 Advent doors will be deployed within a radius of 1km around your current location on the map. These 24 Advent doors are only visible and collectable for you!  The campaign with the Advent Specials ends on 31. December 2019 at 23:59 (time zone FHQ Europe/Berlin).

What do you get? Your personal FLAGSTACK Advent calendar contains a colorful mixture of flags and lots of surprises and only costs 25,- €uro (with a total value of more than 70,- €uro)! The FLAGSTACK Advent Calendar PLUS costs only 35,- €uro (with a total value of more than 100,- €uro)! Save money in the Flag Shop compared to the individual prices and get the fun for free! Once you've opened all the Advent doors, you'll receive an exclusive Advent calendar badge on top!

*** Top News directly for testing ***

By popular request you can now give articles in the FLAGSTACK Webshop as gifts! It's very simple: think about which flags or options you want to give away to which Flaghunter, for example the great new Advent calendar! Compile a shopping cart in the Flag Shop. Use the new button "Send shopping cart as gift to" to find the name of the player for whom you have created the gifts. After clicking on "Buy now" you will get the receipt and the Flaghunter of your choice will get this shopping cart credited to the inventory! This video by the volunteers "Lausitzer Teufelchen" is a great tutorial!

*** Tried it? Then read on... ***

Dealing with the Advent calendar is quite simple. You can open the right Advent door every day. You can't open an Advent door before the appropriate date, but of course you can open all Advent doors retroactively. If, for example, you go on holiday just before Christmas, you can deploy the Advent doors at the holiday destination and open all past Advent doors there. Or if you are back home before New Year's Eve, you can collect the remaining Advent doors at your home town that you couldn't reach during your absence. We are sure, with these tips you will be able to choose the right place for you...

Since it is not possible to check whether Advent doors lie in a secure area or how good the mobile phone reception is, it can happen in individual cases that Advent doors are not reachable. Therefore, there is no legal claim to be able to collect all Advent doors. Therefore, you have the possibility to send an e-mail at until 20.December 2019, 23:59 (time zone FHQ Europe/Berlin) in which you list the unreachable Advent doors according to their unique ID number. These Advent doors will be moved to random but accessible coordinates. The Advent calendar is excluded from any voucher campaigns.

All Advent calendars are available until 20.December 2019, 23:59 (time zone FHQ Europe / Berlin). Go to the Flag Shop soon and make sure you and your loved ones have a very special Advent experience...

Many pre-Christmas greetings while shopping, making presents, deploying and capturing



Team Battle #47

Team Battle #47 is over now and all 68 teams have achieved great results!

Here is a look at the top 10 of the overall ranking for our statistics fans... As it should be, your hard work will be rewarded. Take a close look - placing in the top 10 is worthwhile for your team due to the mega credit wins! Don't miss them!










Flagging A Dead Horse
additional 90,000 credits for the team account




Die 4 Fragezeichen
additional 60,000 credits for the team account




additional 30,000 credits for the team account




additional 20,000 credits for the team account





GifHorner FlagHunter
additional 17,500 credits for the team account





Team FlagVikings
additional 15,000 credits for the team account





Team Raclette
additional 12,500 credits for the team account





additional 10,000 credits for the team account





additional 7,500 credits for the team account





additional 5,000 credits for the team account




And here's the faction ranking of Team Battle #47, and we're delighted with the great overall performance from all players:









The Syndicate of Flag Hunter
each player has won 30 Green Flag and the faction badge





The Cartel of Flag Seeker
each player has won 20 Green Flag and the faction badge





The Alliance of Flag Keeper
each player has won 10 Green Flag and the faction badge




All details about the team and faction rankings can be found with a quick click.

Team Battle #47 was once again rewarded with the bonus system! The lucky ones are happy about these relay wins:




1x Party Flags (Event Package 25)


1x White Flag


1x Oracle Flag


1x Second Chance


2x Night Flag

So if you and your team earned over 40,000 credits, you'd get first-class winnings as a bonus!

You can find all detailed information about the credit distribution on the official FLAGSTACK help page for Team Battles.

You are enthusiastic about Team Battles, all the excitement and variety and especially about your personal advantages through the great prizes? Than you know what you have to do: Tell all your friends about it and create a new team - or even two - because after a short recovery time the next Team Battle is already in sight - on 05. November 2019 at 0:00 (Timezone Europe / Berlin) the TB #48 starts!



Tension element for strong nerves!


Become a part of it...




and the winner is...

Congratulations - Last week's top player was Thanner (DE) with 909,499 points.


FLAGSTACK gives you more bonus points

FLAGSTACK gives you more bonus points for your activity

Hello Flaghunter!

This weekend we've updated 60 LABs (Local Area Badges) and COBs (Country Badges) and now you'll get more bonus points for reaching these mini adventures!

Of course, we have also retroactively credited the new extra points to the accounts of the diligent FLAGHUNTERS! With this upgrading of points we would like to pay tribute to your effort and diligence in these entertaining adventures!

In addition to the fun and great information, your engagement is now also worth for the ranking list :-) So come on, pack your charged battery and proper footwear to collect the great badges and unique memories...

Please find an overview of our work at There are still a few ToDos on the badge list - but don't worry, we'll be handling them soon.

Country Titel Type New Points
AT Cross-country through Austria COB 90000
AU Nightflags trail in Hobart LAB 12000
BE Cross-country through Belgium COB 160000
CZ Cross-country through the Czech Republic COB 140000
DE Cross-country through Germany COB 160000
DE Soccer stadiums in Germany LAB 90000
DE Camp Reinsehlen LAB 7000
DE Salzige Tour Magdeburg LAB 12000
DE Path of Democracy LAB 15000
DE Türme zwischen Weser und Leine LAB 23000
DE Lighthouses between Weser and Elbe LAB 25000
DE Graduation house tour LAB 30000
DE Pied Piper of Hamelin LAB 12000
DE German Fairy Tale Route LAB 47000
DE Old Fritz in Potsdam LAB 47000
DE Berlin (DE) City Spreetour LAB 17000
DE Route of Roses in Hildesheim LAB 20000
DE Westphalian Mills LAB 36000
DE Summiteers LAB 30000
DE Grosser Feldberg Night Trail LAB 46000
DE NightTrail of Gifhorn LAB 60000
DE Night Trail of Henstedt-Ulzburg LAB 25000
DE Zombie zone of Henstedt-Ulzburg LAB 60000
DE Welcome to the zombie zone LAB 8000
DE Zodiac signs in the Lausitz LAB 23000
DE Power-Night-Trail MUC LAB 30000
DE Night Trail Braunschweig LAB 50000
DE Treasure Trail Braunschweig LAB 15000
DE Cheers, Schorsch! LAB 10000
DE Munich (DE) at its best... LAB 41000
DE Na Šumava LAB 30000
DE Water castles in the Rhine Bay LAB 85000
DE Wuppertaler Schwebebahn LAB 20000
DE City-LAB Magdeburg (DE) LAB 50000
DE Zicken-Trail in Gifhorn (DE) LAB 36500
DK Cross-country through Denmark COB 100000
DK The Marguerite Route | bronze COB 333000
DK The Marguerite Route | silver COB 666000
DK The Marguerite Route | gold COB 999000
HU Cross-country through Hungary COB 70000
LU Cross-country through Lëtzebuerg COB 200000
NL Cross-country through the Netherlands COB 120000
NL Elf Stedten Tocht LAB 11000
NL Stelling van Amsterdam LAB 40000
NL Aquädukt von Groesbeek LAB 12000
US Chesapeake Lighthouses LAB 14000
US Explore Buffalo LAB 20000
US Welcome to Las Vegas LAB 16000
US Discover the liberty in Philly LAB 21000
US Boston Freedom Trail LAB 16000

Are there also beautiful landscapes or special buildings in your area that deserve to make it big with a LAB? Then send your suggestions to and we will create a unique LAB together! It can be an entire country? Send your idea to and we will contact you!

Also the FLAGHUNTERS, whose LAB and COB ideas have been and will be published, will get some extra points in the future as a big thank you!

You know your next challenge at FLAGSTACK: swing on your broom and hunt witches for the Halloween Special 2019! You can find the detailed requirements here: (04.October 2019) and you can get new, speedy brooms right here:

Have fun and good luck, a spook-free time and Happy Halloween!



and the winner is...

Congratulations - Last week's top player was FritAll (DE) with 382,022 points. 


US-LAB "Covered Bridges"

A safe badge for autumn weather: US-LAB "Covered Bridges"

After the big and long-term tasks for the USA there is now a fine LAB (Local Area Badge) for “in between”! Surely you know such constructions from your surroundings, films or TV? Well, look forward to some information and nice views with the LAB "Covered Bridges"!

A covered bridge is a timber-truss bridge with a roof and siding which, in most covered bridges, create an almost complete enclosure. The main purpose of the covering is to protect the wooden structural members from the weather. Bridges may also have covers for other reasons, such as keeping the surface clear of snow and ice, protecting pedestrians, and keeping horses from shying away from water. The brief moment of relative privacy while crossing the bridges earned them the nickname “Kissing Bridges”.

Such bridges existed as early as 1272 in Germany and Switzerland, and many were built in rural areas of North America in the 18th and 19th centuries. Hundreds of these covered bridges still stand in the US, with Pennsylvania having more than any other state, over 200. The highest concentration of these bridges is in south-central Pennsylvania, in the area settled by the "Pennsylvania Dutch", immigrants from the German Palatinate in the 17th and 18th centuries. Directly adjacent in Maryland there are also some covered bridges.

SoccerFanatics (US) invested a lot of effort and found 43 covered bridges in Pennsylvania with a lot of information for you to discover. DudleyGrunt (US) added 6 covered bridges in Maryland. Together with FLAGSTACK they proudly present a super-beautiful LAB with a total of 49 great locations. To complete this LAB successfully, you have to visit 44 of these bridges, capture the special icons on the map - and then you get the badge for your effort plus 44,000 extra points!

Are there also beautiful landscapes or special buildings in your area that deserve to make it big with a LAB? Then send your suggestions to and we will create a unique LAB together!

We are happy to receive ideas for individual sights at

It can be an entire country? Then send your idea to and we will contact you!

Greetings from the FHQ from your



FLAGHUNTER, are you afraid in the dark?

FLAGSTACK soon revolves around suspense, horror and Halloween. From 18.October to 10.November it's time for fright! Pumpkins, skulls, bats, ghosts and gravestones create a scary and beautiful scenery on the FLAGSTACK map in an impressive shuddering backdrop. And witches will do their mischief too.

Perfectly matched, the show program will provide a gruesome horror experience with 3 Halloween badges waiting for you!

During the coming weeks you will find a black broom in your inventory. You can deploy this broom from Friday, 18.October 2019 (00:00 am, time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin). A total of 35 black witches will be deployed on the map within a 1km radius of your current location. These 35 witches are visible for all players and can be capped by all players! You need to capture at least 31 witches to get the "Halloween Badge 2019 - Black Edition". The spook ends on 10.November 2019 at midnight (23:59, time zone FHQ/Europe / Berlin) - all witches that haven't been swept away will fly back home.

You want an insider's tip? Host an event during the above mentioned period and arrange to meet as many FLAGHUNTERS as possible so you can mutually capture your witches! If you manage to be at least 8 event race participants on site at your event, there may still be ghosts and creatures around you that you can hunt! Just try it out - or you'll never know...

You still don't get enough from witch-hunting? Then there’s a really sweet offer for you:

From now on you can find golden brooms* in our webshop ! You can deploy these golden brooms from Friday, 18.October 2019 (00:00 am, time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin). A total of 35 golden witches will be deployed on the map within a 1km radius of your current location. Attention: these golden witches are only visible on the map when you get close to them (about 200m)! Other players can find and capture the hidden golden witches too. You will earn additional 4-10 capture on points - and 6-40 capture points for capturing the golden witches. As an extra reward, the "Halloween Badge 2019 - Golden Edition" offers 35,000 extra points! The spook ends on 10.November 2019 at midnight (23:59, time zone FHQ/Europe / Berlin) - then all the not found golden witches crumble to dust... Have a look under your sofa, if you don't believe it ;-)

So the next days you'll be able to sweep away all kinds of witches from the streets as well as leaves - have a scary time and Happy Halloween!


PS: What else is important? You probably know this one from other special offers, but we would like to mention it briefly... Please make sure you have a good GPS reception before deploying the brooms. Since it is not possible to check whether the street is in a secure area or how good the mobile phone reception is, it can happen in individual cases that these Halloween specials are not available. Therefore, there is no legal right to collect all Halloween specials.

* For this item a combination with any discounts, vouchers and rebates is not possible.Only available for orders in connection with PayPal via the website.

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